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I played this game 2 years ago and already watching your review brings back some bad memories of this game and the creator’s attitude towards those who criticise or report his game for copyright. To say the least, levels go on for WAY too long and have nothing to amount to or show apart from stolen or crapilly assets. And speaking of…

Everything here except the player sprite, boss sprites and some enemy sprites are stolen or badly drawn and I don’t think people should be able to this crap online.

This only reason I’m giving it a 0.4 is because some things in the game are competently made and with some effort put into them.

Game Rating

For a game which is inspired by Megaman, this game is very very underwhelming. The levels in this game are just platforms after platforms after platforms without any clever use of gimmick and when there’s any, it’s from some of the level design which is directly copied from other Megaman games. There’s no challenge whatsoever that could make me think to solve the puzzle, add that with armor upgrades that make this game a complete cakewalk. Most enemies here only move left and right, and the others don’t have much variety. Everywhere you go, that’s just it. There’s nothing really interesting from beginning to the end. Unoriginal and unfun are two words I can use to sum this game up.

If there’s something good I can say for this game, it doesn’t make me want to punch my monitor out of sheer frustration, and the music is better than the previous version.

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