Quint’s Revenge

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Quint’s Revenge is a great attempt at making a fresh and new Rockman experience. However, some of the core fundamentals of this game aren’t solid and it makes an otherwise fine game feel like a worse experience.

Quint plays like a mixture of Mega Man and Bass, with fast paced dashing and a few extra jumping abilities, namely ledge jumping. His buster doesn’t have the same functionality as Bass, though. Wily has brought back robot masters from the first and second games, complete with some visual and functional overhauls.

It seems like a solid formula, but it can feel a little half baked at times. For example, many of the weapons in this game have been changed to be better or completely different, others are just simply the same. The Leaf Shield is still a terrible shield and weapon in general, but Needle Man’s weapon is now one of the best in the game. The same idea applies to stages. Only a handful actually have received gameplay or visual changes. The game only goes downhill from here. Boss AI is either cheap, boring, or glitched.

That doesn’t mean Quint’s Revenge is bad or even boring in it’s entirety. Yes, quite a few sections suffer, but overall what this game does have is fun and enjoyable. Stages like Wood Man are a fresh and interesting take on familiar locations and even more fun to play through.

In conclusion, this game has a lot of great ideas, but suffers from flawed execution. But hey, as stated in Nico’s own review, the sequel looks promising and hopes to fix many of the issues in this game.

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Vucious Creed

Quint’s Revenge is something a little different than most fan games. Instead of utilizing original robot masters with a different story (with “story” in some cases used loosely), QR decides to retread an old Megaman game and freshen it up with a different story; in this games, the infamous Gameboy Megaman 2 starring the once, pathetic robot, Quint. This is going to be an interesting review as this will also consider the last Beta version along with the current version for comparison (since it was a LONG time before an update to this current was made to this point). This may be a pretty hefty review as a result.

The controls on the game are okay. You can generally jump and shoot with not to much problem. The point of note is that Quint has the ability to dash. As long as you hold down the dash button, Quint will indefinitely dash until you let go of said dash button. You can jump while dashing, and if you fall into pits you can do a recovery jump as long as you do so on the ground (if you’ve flat out jump into a pit, this recovery won’t work). Sounds good right? Well, there’s a catch: you can’t shoot while dashing. So if you want to take the offensive, you’ll have to slow down or plain stop in order to attack. Pacing can waver quite a bit due to this stipulation, or if you go headfirst recklessly and want to attack while going fast, you won’t be able to do so and end up diving right into an enemy or some other deathtrap. There’s another issue with the dash where if you hold down while dashing, you won’t be able to jump, so there’s that issue. So caution is advised when utilizing the dash. Oh yeah, Quint can duck. It’s not quite as useful as it sounds, and not many obstacles really need it.

As for the graphics, they’re alright. It’s your typical stage layout that you’d seen in previous Megaman games, so it’s nothing original. However, props to the nice blue coloring in Wily 2, though. It’s literally cool… *ahem* moving on. The music isn’t too impressive though. The original retreading of the MM2GB themes (along with a few extra tracks) are easier on the ears compared to the originals, but they also lack presense. (This is why RushJet1’s version of the soundtrack is available, but for the sake of review, I won’t touch on that in detail.) The weapons from the robot masters this time around are a bit of a mixed bag. While there are a few weapons that remain unchanged from the originals, there are some completely original weapons in the mix as well. Some really cool (Crash Blaster, Needle Crusher), some not so much (Spinning Top, Metal Catcher). Also, as you may expect, Sakugarne is in the game, but it’s used as a gameplay device for specific stages rather than a regular part of your arsenal. It’s function is to traverse rougher environments, including spikes, while destroying enemies. However, aside from the intro stage and Wily 1, the Sakugarne is not really necessary and can be skipped rending its inclusion somewhat pointless.

Level design has changed quite a bit over time between the last major Beta to its current version’s release. Speaking in general design, they are pretty decent. Each stage remixed to adapt to Quint’s playstyle quite well. The addition of a few mew gimmicks to spice these old robot master stages does a bit to bring some flair to otherwise basic stages (the large electromagnets and the platforming elements involving them in Magnet Man’s stage are a fine example of such). However, as changes are made, potential new issues can emerge. The changes with the game’s Up n’ Down variants affect pacing make them a “stop and go” enemy due to them being made visible, but not being made to jump over unlike the original in spite of not seeing where they pop up originally. Also, stages like Wily 2 got a massive overhaul as originally it was a very short, yet simple stage. The current version now doubled its length with more obstacles that may or may not be a welcomed change. Whether any of these changes from the Beta to its latest version are good or questionable really lies in one’s perspective. For me, I like them because it makes the game much more stable, but in trade, it makes the game pacing suffer (blame the speedrunner in me for that regard, so it’s more of a nitpick, if anything).

Bosses are somewhat improved from their originals. Most of the 8 robos have one new attack in their arsenal (Crash Man having a full screen time bomb, Wood Man having a leaf bomb, etc.). Otherwise, they still have the same attacks as they did in the old games, so nothing overly special. The castle bosses are kind of hit or miss though as some come of as creative (the second castle boss), somewhat uninspired (third boss), or trying to freshen up an existing concept (first boss). Anyway, one thing of note is that bosses have added invulnerablility time in comparison to the Beta. Robot Masters are obviously affected, but the some of the fortress bosses are hit hard by this. The second boss of the Wily’s Castle is of major note as it originally didn’t have any I-Frames and you can mash it to death; of course, that isn’t the case anymore with the current version. (You can also dash into it (and exploit that) in the Beta, as well, but that’s a whole different issue in which was also fixed.) These are relatively okay fixes in the aspect of game stability, but also add fake longevity in turn.

There isn’t much replay value in this game. There aren’t any extras, and the options don’t add much to the game with no difficulty modes or additional characters. You can disable alternate methods of dashing and manage starting lives, though. So in terms of replayability, it’s pretty bare bones.

Basically, Quint’s Revenge is really more of a starter fan game, if anything. It merely has a basic premise, adds a few new bells and whistles, and really does not much more. But for what it does have, it does it pretty well. Of course, there is a sequel that’s in the works (though I haven’t heard much of anything as of this writing), so improvements and new ideas are there to be found. I say this is still a game worth a bit of time, but in the grand scheme, it’s probably more of a filler game to pass the time away.

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Random Guy

Quints Revenge in my eyes is a test to see what the developer could have done with Mega Man 2 on the gameboy with new controlls and the NES graphic style. Quint can now dash and even gain momentum from the dash, like an X game. It works well and thankfully doesn’t break the game. Some stages aren’t too good because of how limited they are due to trying to stay faithful such as Air Man’s Stage. It’s a fun game to blow right through as it’s very fun, decently fast paced, and not the hardest game out there. Even seeing some of the developers feedback, it feels like this was really a test to see what they could have done. Quints Revenge 2 looks to be the complete project.

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