Mega Man: Rock N Roll

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Mega Man Rock & Roll is a beautiful title. From start to end you encounter level design that matches the original titles, the stages all feel different from one another with various gimmicks that all stand out in the most pleasant way imaginable. The graphics are gorgeous all around, colorful, and lovely fit for all their respective stages. It all flows amazingly.

the Robot Masters are fun to learn and put up a good fight (for the most part). I never got bored fighting one of them.

The weapons are all great and well balanced, fun to play with, and the level design is built around them.

The Wily stages are well designed with decent enough bosses, if a bit dull to look at – but I never encountered harsh difficulty spikes in them.

The soundtrack is a bit underwhelming at first, but it grew on me after a while.

Overall, I absolutely reccomend playing this game. It’s a love letter to everything the series is about; from it’s basics to more advanced things – its easily one of the best Mega Man fan games there is.

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Case Nes

Megaman Rock N Roll is a beautiful title, just from the start it is great. The intro stage has some interesting and fun reoccurring ideas. The controlls are spot on and surprisingly beat some official games. The progression and flow in almost every stage is perfect. Every stage is mostly unique and brings their own set of gimmicks, secrets, and their own enemies. Stage themes take unique plays on old themes and makes them new, every stage is just a fun playground for you and your weapons. The enemies actually feel appropiate for the theme and feel alive, they feel like they really are in their perspective stage.

The game can be really hard at times and I love that, when a game really challenges the player in innovative and fair ways. Whenever I come back to a stage I keep getting better at it, not my best general performance out of every Megaman game but I fins myself decent at it. Swapping characters between stages would have been nice to see but how the game gives you the option for changing characters between stages is nice. I never liked games where you can only play as one character for the whole game. The bosses and stages were fun to redo as Roll and no damnage challenges seem possible.

There are some stages that I fealt were to similar, for example Intro Stage, beginning of the Ocean Base stage, Megaman Wily 1, Roll Wily 1, Proto man Wily stage all have the same sunset background. Wily stages in general took assets from Megaman 1 and they all seem to similar. Reactor Man’s stage also seems to similar to the Ocean Base Stages, it seems like a more lively version of them. Wily bosses were a bit memorable though. Not to mention Bosses in this game are fantastic in General. The game is fun, unique and challenging, it is very creative and worth playing all the way through. If you are a Megaman fan you WILL love this game.

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Rock N Roll is Unlimited 2, essentially. It’s a good game, all around with high-quality level design all around, high quality-weapons, and so on, but falls short in some major aspects. The difficulty is stupidly unforgiving, with it oftentimes being that if you make just one mistake you have to redo a lot (and there is no lives option! In a modern fangame!!) with the robot masters being the biggest example of this. Weapons are mostly good but have major balancing issues at times, with some weapons, such as Beetle Woman’s weapon, being completely outclassed when compared to the others. Balance overall seems to be quite the issue here, with there being no reason to play Mega Man over Roll until you get the charge shot upgrade, but even then Roll is still better with her vastly better mobility and small double jump that makes things so much easier. The only part of the game where Mega Man is even slightly better than Roll is in the boss fights, but even then if you are going through using weakness orders and all then this isn’t the case after the first robot master. There is no reason to play as Mega Man in the Mega Man game, and that sucks. Rock Force genuinely did this type of character selection gimmick so much better, with there still actually being a reason to play as Mega Man throughout (mainly being able to use RM weapons in RF’s case.) Roll isn’t even a major difference compared to Mega Man gameplay-wise, just that they overall are better in every way. They don’t even have different weapons or anything like how &Bass, giving even less reason to play as them.
Graphically… It’s ok? Not anything too mind-blowing just… MM5ish quality? Coloring at times feels weird at times with it having this weirdly saturated color scheme that makes even Rock Force look bright at times.
The story is ultimately disappointing, with it being hyped up as something cool and special early on just to turn out to be an ultimately just another MM4-6 style plot of its suggested to be someone else but it is Wily yet again to no one’s surprise. This honestly sucks as the way its set up is genuinely fantastic and could’ve lead to something special but just did absolutely nothing with it and that’s lame.
As for the music; It’s not great, honestly. It’s very basic and forgettable, with many fangames easily outclassing it.
I can only hope this game ultimately gets the Rock Force treatment with a complete overhaul of many aspects, mainly damage output and balancing (with the music could also get a decent overhaul as well, like Rock Force did, once again) to make it truly special. Until then, however, I just… Didn’t enjoy Rock N Roll what so ever. It is for sure for someone that is an expert, and that is fine, but with as bad as the damage output and how unforgiving the game is, the game is incredibly hard to enjoy as a casual fan. It doesn’t help that there is no difficulty options at all too, as right now it feels like the game is always set to hard mode and I can’t turn it down a notch or two to make it a fun experience.
It’s a love letter to the series, yes, but as it is if you are a casual player stay away for this game until a major update comes out addressing the difficult issues with the game. This game isn’t fun or to be honest even slightly fulfilling (the story sure didn’t help!), and if it’s not fun, why play the game?

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Kidney stone

One the best instances from Mega Man games. All the teaching and difficulty done right. Bosses has decent and learnable attacks except Ghost Woman. The ghost bubbles she throw are annoying in a way nongratifaying and the ghost ball mashing is unhumane. Polar Womans stage has some bad met placements which is a megaman game shouldn’t do. The graphical boss dessigns mostly doesn’t posses the megaman feel(except missile man). This is not a minus but drake man really looks nothing from megaman. MMUnlimited done the graphical boss dessigns right. Wily stage bosses are pretty creative and fair. In early game you have no reason of playing with megaman while roll with her double jump exist. If megaman had 3 damage buster or roll was weak as proto man in megaman 10 that could serve the reason to play with megaman. Since I wanted to experience the game as any megaman game should I played it with megaman. Roll is still a good choice for new comers for megaman.

About the final boss it is again one of the best ones I have seen so far from a megaman game yet has unneglectable defiencies. First part is unacceptabily long and really doesn’t serve almost any difficulty. It’s minion attack wont even reach you before you open it’s other eye. That fight lasts for 2 minutes without no exaggeration and all you do is mashing the fire button while dodging intro stage tier difficulty projectiles. The second form is way harder, shorter and fun. Every hit you land to the boss feels deserved and the attacks are fun. Last form is top tier and there is literaly 5 diffirent attacks which doesn’t feel redundant at all while the other fan games are littering their bosses with too many inane attacks. One the best final boss experiences out there. Better than MMUnlimited’s final boss.

I wrote this after doing no hit, buster only for every stage in the game in order to fully understand what the game serves in means of dessign, difficulty. Doing hitless or buster runs are highly recomended in order to appreciete what the game done right.

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Mega Man: Rock N Roll is an example of awesome Mega Man fan games. Professional level design, beautiful graphics and good music – everything in this game.

I like the plot because you can see a lot of Robot Masters from original Mega Man titles (like Fire Man, Skull Man, Knight Man, Plant Man, Splash Woman, Honey Woman and even Dagger Man from SFR). Roll must become a combat robot to help Mega Man who has been kidnapped. They need to work together to stop Wily and that’s what I like the most.

About physics, they’re close to physics from original games. I think Mega Man’s charged shot is weak and Roll’s double jump is too low. However, controls are still acceptable. Boss battles are creative and you must learn boss’ pattern to beat him easily. About stages, they’re very colorful and enjoyable. Gimmicks are creative and they work very well.

Game’s soundtrack can be poor when you hear it for first time. It’s simple, but still neat.

Game is very hard, but as I mentioned, stages are great and still very playable. Some stages are perfect for speedrunning.

If you’re a Mega Man fan, you should try with this game. It’s one of the best Mega Man fan games of all time.

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Snufflepus Penguin

Rock N Roll is a decent game. It has some excellent graphics, and the settings of the robot masters are quite memorable.

That said, I feel that it is highly overrated as a Mega Man game, and to be honest, I do not consider this a real Mega Man game.
You can dislike this as much as you want, but it is my true, unchanged opinion.

Something about the stage design feels off. The game is excessively filled with instant-kill mechanics, and is guilty for either using mechanics too little or too often. For example, Reactor Man’s stage is mostly just death lasers across several corridors, while things like Drake Man have a fire scrolling section that lasts for 3 screens and never appears again. When you tackle the mysterious saucer, the whole stage is just your generic enemies over pits. Enemy placement is very average.

The bosses are usually too aggressive to be fun. They actively discourage novice players from playing the game and deal too much damage to Mega Man.

Music is subjective, but this soundtrack is particularly forgettable.

The Wily stages are bland, boring and very forgettable. You do some generic platforming, then take on the fortress bosses. Compare this to something like Dr Cossack’s Fortress with the beautiful blue skies as you rise up the palace, this is just plain depressing. It’s serviceable, but nowhere near the levels of MM4 or MM10.

Perhaps this is a harsh critique of the game, but it’s my own opinion. I do not like this game. I think it fails to be a great Mega Man game, merely being a decent game at best.

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