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This Game takes all the Rules of a good Game and turns them opposite.

If i’d make a Mega Man Fan Game, i would make the Enemies work with the Ground, which is not the case in this Garbage Game. And it just borrows assets from other official MM Titles.
“But it is still better than Eternal.” No it is worse than Mega Man 3 DOS.

But is is a Fan Game made in 2005. Still, it defines everything else, what a Good Fan Game must have…

Game Rating

If there was ever an example of the phrase, “Don’t worry, it gets worse,” then it would be this “game.” It is design hell.

From the premise that not all bosses grant new abilities to the idea that midi files whose restarting point causes a frame glitch in gameplay, the game wows and amazes the player with one poorly designed element after another. It is like watching a train wreck as its happening.

The occasional functional bossfight or enemy does not make up for the overall poor outcome. However, if one decides this is the kind of challenge they want, then it has one redeeming quality – artificial difficulty practice.

Game Rating

If I could I would give this game less than a zero. The game has a whopping 25 stages, most of which have some of the worst designs I have seen. Psychics are broken. Robot Masters are broken. Weapons are broken in the worst way imaginable. Music is a poorly sequenced midi (if you’re gonna use midis at the very least use something good). Weaknesses are terrible. Don’t play unless you want a good reason to hate gaming.

Game Rating