Mighty No. 9

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Mighty No. 9 is just overall a disappointment and a mockery of a Mega Man game. The game functions okay when in Singleplayer (don’t get me started on the online mode). Characters are quirky but not in a lovable way; it is more to the likes of Mega Man 8. The fact that you can compare this game to a Mega Man game a lot is really interesting, sure, I love Mega Man as much as the next guy does and having a game inspired off of something is perfectly fine, but the fact that the game can take something that I love and tarnish it into something that is just lifeless is just something that I and surely many others can’t tolerate.

Stages are really bland and make play-throughs of the game really boring to even play/or even watch. The common stage enemies are there but I hope you enjoy their stay because they stay for a long time in the game; enemies repeat themselves through the whole game. The only flavor in the game is through text boxes that obstruct the game from having any moment at being serious.

Hints are just given out to you such as Robot Master weaknesses. Every single Robot Master has an instant-kill move. Designs are cheap and they bear way too much of a resemblance to classic Mega Man characters. The battle system is a bit confusing considering that you have to dash into enemies (and apparently you gain health and weapon energy from doing that). The most entertaining part is the fact that the credits is about 4 hours long because it credits everybody who backed this game, with 96% of them just being “A Generous Backer”.

The game wouldn’t be that bad if it were made by some inexperienced developer and this was their first project done on a small budget, let alone if this game didn’t cost any money. Just plain forgettable and a game that you must stay away from, Mega Man veteran or not.

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