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Snufflepus Penguin

After looking and analyzing the game, I will say this. I still enjoy X3 – I played it far more times than X2, which I found to be far less fun for some reason. The game is flawed – Yes. There was a lot of missing polish in the game, which I wholeheartedly agree with. But yet, I still would give this game something like a 7 star rating because of the fun I had playing it. There was some kind of unique flow that I didn’t find in X2, whether it be the larger sized stages, mostly good weapons, some really difficult battles such as Blast Hornet and Volt Catfish that were really hectic. I liked the story (although I wish Doppler was behind it instead of Sigma) and I ironically enjoyed the snail section in Sigma 2 – I thought it was very creative but I wished the speed was increased, which I agree with. Enemies were promising and cool, but yeah, not sure why they repeating the same generic ones. I loved the ride armors and revisiting to find upgrades, although giving the Maverick name would have been cool. It’s that ambition that I really enjoyed about the game – And for that, it’s my 3rd most favorite X game behind X and X4.

7.3/10 – An ambitious game that I enjoyed, but needed some polish to make great.

Game Rating

i am very mixed on X3.
on one hand we have:
– some great OST
– and weapons like spin blade and triad thunder,

but on the other hand we have:
– boring stages
– easy and unispired boss fights (except VILE and Blast Hornet)
– some BULLSHIT moments
– and bad weapons Like the gravity well

But in comparasion to the other X games this is one of the better ones
– it does not make you wanna have mental break down like X6
– it does not have a bullshit RNG ending like X5
– and it is still a real Mega man X game unlike X7

overall its not a bad game but your time is way better spent on games like X1, X4 or hell if you are into RPG´s X Command Mission

Game Rating