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What can I say about this awesome fan game? Well, simple. MMU is THE BEST Megaman GAME ever made! Not just fan game: GAME!

Let me tell you a little story. I was talking with a friend of mine about MMU and he was sure about that it’s an official game; he said that enemies have the same style you can see on an official game, mechanics are simple but challenging, soundtrack is awesome… I agree with him, especially about the feeling you get while playing MMU.

Controls are so smooth, better than the official games. You can’t find any “clunky” moments. Everything on this game is “built” around the perfection of the physics you can see while playing Unlimited. This game is so well done that it never lags because of software limitations or for some other bullsh#t!

People tend to criticize this game about the difficulty of Unlimited. Well, in my honest opinion, I think it’s not a valid reason to say that MMU is not good because it’s hard. I can agree that there are some unfair parts that ruin a bit the experience of this game, but MMU is a great challenge that will take you some time. You will notice that you always must be concentrated while playing Unlimited. Also, when you end a stage, you will always feel satisfed about it. A lot!

I’m speechless… because of joy! In fact, I can’t find some other good words for describing this masterpiece. You must play it, to understand why this game is incredible and better than the official games!

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DarkOdd the II

This Game is Fantastic, Honestly.
To the Sprite Work to Physics, this game excels at almost every thing.
But to be fair though, either i’m bad at games or the only thing easy mode does is add extra blocks.
Certain things in this game wont work, but over all i give a strong 9,6

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I agree with everything Nico said about MMU, everything from the controls and design really appealed to me. I thought the art was pretty good, but some visual designs of the robot masters looked… off.
The last sentence said above is VERY true. MMU did me “Nintendo mad”, but I never stopped playing the game for a long period of time.(It’s just like overeating, because after you overeat, you feel really bad and never want to eat again, but after some time, you want to eat again.) I can agree that MMU has a stupendous soundtrack. (A lot of the time I listen to music it would be a remix of a song from MMU) I thought the plot was pretty good too. Overall, I think MMU is a wonderful game, and that whoever complains about the difficulty should go play something from coolmathgames. Great job Phil!

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The Mega Man 2 of fangames.

I think this game, overall, is pretty great. Decent physics, great looking graphics, and ok music (Yoku Mans theme is bleh, however) so why do I think this? The level design. Insta-kill spikes and pits are everywhere, enemy placement is sub-par, and the bosses themselves…are alright. They all have great designs and would fit with classic robot masters, and never feel too hard, that is, besides Yoku Man, who I will get to later. People say how you shouldn’t judge the game just because its hard, and…that’s a bizarre way to look at it. When the game outright has some completely unfair level design at times, is it really “hard” or is it cheap? Dark Souls is a good example of a game that is more hard than cheap, for an example.

Along with the amount insta-kill pits and spikes, and unfair at times enemy placement, the stages are long, and without many checkpoints. Yoku Man can take upwards to 10-30 minutes on your first time through. This is completely insane. No normal mega man stage should take longer than five minutes. Some could argue that “its a special bonus stage so it SHOULD be long!” and I have to disagree. Yoku Man isn’t a very good level and boss, and the reward for beating him is a weapon that is decent but not worth finding the four Y O K U symbols, a long stage, and a boss WITH INSTA DEATH IN THE BOSS WHAT

*ahem* Anyways, overall…Unlimited is great, but it really is overhyped. Rock Force, SFR, 4, all of these all far better than this game, even if they aren’t as good music or graphic wise. Unlimited was the first good fangame, but there have been so many good fangames since this that it feels like Unlimited hasn’t aged well with time…..
HOWEVER. Z-Prototype is amazing. It’s probably the only reason to give it a shot, in all honesty, even if you have to slog through normal mode to get it. On a side note, the weapons are some of the better in fangames.

tl;dr its no masterpiece, but its a least worth trying out for a little while.

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Mega Man Unlimited is a Mega Man fangame. An overrated fangame littered with instant death, but a fangame nevertheless. I personally did not enjoy MMU as much as I did SFR and Rock Force, mainly due to unfair and candidly mediocre level design at times. However, it does feel and play like a Mega Man game. Physics are perfect, and it feels just like a Mega Man title. Tilesets and enemy selection are nothing short of great. Sprites for Rainbow Man are a bit iffy, but otherwise I enjoy the Robot Master design. Soundtrack is barely memorable, and even barely is a stretch. Yoyo Man’s level has a very catchy tune, yet I can’t even recall the melody of any other level.

In terms of difficulty, it’s painful. MM & Bass was annoying enough, but I genuinely feel this poses a bigger challenge. Levels are too long and lack proper checkpoints, and boss patterns at times are a pain. Rainbow Man has a creative stage gimmick, but it’s ridiculously unlikely you’ll survive the level on your first continue. It’s littered with insta-death to the point where you have to waste your first few continues understanding the mechanics and remembering how many times to change a beam’s direction. A Mega Man game should be reasonably possible to beat without a continue, and yet there are so many close jumps that I don’t feel are fair for a new MMU player.

It truly is the god of Mega Man physics, but other than that it’s a pretty big disappointment. Acceptable, but by no means great.

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Vucious Creed

Megaman Unlimited, one of THE most popular and well-known fan games, is deserving of the some hype it gets. However, the game does suffer from questionable decisions in its gameplay which brings down the hype a bit.

First things first; the physics are some of the best and tightest that you’ll get from any kind of Megaman media, original or fan-made. Overall movement is well done and no one should have any issues controlling Megaman. The weapons are also some of the most varied and useful one in all of Megaman. A lot of weapons serve multiple funtions and can have utility outside of defeating enemies and bosses. Not to mention the music is mostly good. While there is a questionable track here and there, the overall soundtrack is pretty enjoyable.

There are a lot of nice things about Unlimited initially, but then when you actually start going through stages… that’s when things get a little more complicated. Most of said “questionable decisions” I mentioned are rooted in the game’s level design choices. Stages are much longer than your average Megaman stage which lead to gimmicks dragging more than it should (the final stages are the main culprits, but a few robot master stages suffer from this as well, like Trinitro and Yoku). The difficulty curve is also pretty steep. With a lot of instant-kill components scattered across the game, expect life loss to be plenty. While there are several learning mechanics, after displaying them, the player is thrusted immediately into the fire and doesn’t ease up.

There are also some boss questions; particularly ones that have an instant kill gimmick to them. While Yoku Man is the most egregious (lol, Yoku Spikes), Trinitro’s fight comes across as a low-blow at first; especially since his weak point takes damage incurring the player to keep shooting it until… BOOM! Not to mention that the first two bosses of the final stages punish you hard if you make a slight mistake in movement or placement with either pit death or even crushing. There’s also the choice of forcing the bonus boss, Yoku Man, in the re-fights. Due to his nature as an optional boss, forcing a blind room and boss (assuming you don’t fight him at all on an initial playthrough) and all the gimmicks that come with it comes off as cheap for the unprepared. Finally, the final stage/fight comes across as somewhat unnecessary as it’s a glorified cutscene. (NOTE: said stage was intended to be as such, but from a gameplay perspective, it comes off somewhat as an anti-climax.)

All that said, this game still yields quite a bit of replay value. The game offers multiple difficulty modes with Megaman and the latest addition, Z-Prototype, which, in and of itself, is a very welcomed extra (I love playing as Z-Proto, as an aside). There are also bonus modes such as endurance modes, boss challenges, and an extra stage (Whirlpool Man) to play in where you get rewarded for completing some of these modes. Also, the options to use a charged buster or not and to have a single button slide/dash and disable D-Pad methods of using them are nice touches and gives variety and/or simplicity to how one would play.

All in all, MMU is solidly well-crafted and has improved very much from its initial release to be a quality fan game, but with issues in level and boss design in multiple cases dims the luster quite noteably. It’s not my favorite of the multiple Mega Man fan games I’ve played, it’s still one of the top fan games out there, in general, and deserves to be played by Mega Man fans.

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The Ultimate Fangame. Nearly everything is executed perfectly, and it gives the best official games a run for their money.

The levels look fantastic, and they’re extremely fun. Their gimmicks keep things interesting without going too far, like they do in 8 or Rock Force. The difficulty is extremely high, but mostly fair. Completing the game is extremely satisfying.

The weapons and music are among the best in the series, too. Yoyo Man’s theme and the Second and Third Wily themes are incredible, and the weapon set is on par with 9’s.

This is the game that all fan games are compared to, and for good reason. Every Mega Man fan owes it to themselves to play this.

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———————————————-=Mega Man Unlimited=——————————————

MMU has a very good Soundtrack, awesome Weapons and hard Stages.
Jet Man’s Stage is very enjoyable to play
Tank Man has a very good pattern,
Nail Man was the first ever Boss i could beat for some reason…
Trinitro Man has very fun gimmicks
Glue Man’s Stage has uhhh… Glue on the Ground!
Comet Woman is easy to do with the buster
Yo-Yo Man makes you use Nails more.
Rainbow Man has Photon Beams, that kill you if you dare to TOUCH
Jet Man’s Theme is my current favorite Soundtrack in the Game.

However the Knockback Kills most of the fun right away.

Otherwise, good Game overall

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Case NES

Megaman Unlimited is a fantastic game and the experience it brings is incredinly satisfying and infuriating. However I never got mad at the game because of how fair it is. Megaman Unlimited is completely fair with the exception of one stage. Each stage is vibrant bright and colorful in its own unique way but always sticks in its lane. Weapons work wonderfully even if multipurpose uses aren’t counted. They each have a variety of ways to be used and are fun to experiment with.

As said in the beginning Megaman Unlimited is an extremely hard game. Bringing the player back to the past. Longer stages, tougher enemies, but they always feel alive. Each boss, stage, enemie, has their own unique soul that makes them stand out. Unlimited takes some things from official games and makes them more interesting. This is truly a game for verterans, newer players will end up throwing a fit and ragequitting fast, forgetting what Megaman was about: The learning experience.

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When I first downloaded Mega Man Unlimited, I had only just gotten hooked on this amazing series. Having just completed Mega Man 2 on Mega Man Legacy Collection after months of grinding, I went on a music soundtrack website to look for a download of MM2’s fantastic OST. Upon seeing an OST download of Unlimited, I was curious. After finding MegaPhilX’s website, I decided to download this game and have a look for myself on what the game with the fantastic soundtrack was like.

In a few words, it blew my mind.

This game…words fail me. It’s epic. Beautiful artwork, awesome stage design, incredible music, and an epic overall plotline make this particular fangame one of the greatest ones I’ve ever played. (That is until Mega Man Perfect Blue’s full game comes out ~ then there might be something better than this one…). Mega Man Unlimited is amazing, and it is by far recommended.

The story feels like a typical Mega Man game. Mega Man has brought peace to the world as usual, and then a group of rogue robots claiming to be working for the evil Dr. Wily start attacking the world, and chaos falls again. Wily pleads his innocence to Dr. Light, and Light and Wily agree to team up to find a way to stop this. However, a strange robot (who is pretty obviously Bass, just from the looks of things), shows up and kidnaps Dr. Wily. Mega Man decides to take matters into his own hands and put a stop to these Robot Masters himself, and the whole thing begins. Mega Man does the usual routine of beating up 8 Robot Master bosses and upon destroying then copies his/her (thanks to Comet Woman) power for his own use. Typical Mega Man gameplay plot. However, after defeating 4, Dr. Light finds some strange corruptions in the most recently defeated robot’s code. After all 8 are destroyed (9 if you fight Yoku Man), the reason for the corruption becomes clear. A video call comes in from Proto Man, saying that he has not only located where Wily is being held captive but also that a virus of sorts is controlling the Robot Masters. Mega Man is strangely immune to this virus, meaning that only he can have any hope of rescuing Wily and discovering the truth. Mega Man then penetrates the ruined fortress and has a fight with Proto Man, who he triumphs over. Continuing on, he duels Bass, who, it turns out, was Wily’s kidnapper after all. After you beat Bass, Wily shows up with his newest machine. He tells Mega Man that he created the virus, but it backfired on him when Bass kidnapped him. Then, after you destroy Wily’s machine(s), you reach an area of the fortress that seems to be guarded (judging from all the boss doors). After you enter a strange room (Warning: Don’t read further if you don’t want spoilers), you have a fight with the Z-Prototype, who apparently is the early version of Zero. Zero is WAY stronger than you, though, and legitimately rips off your buster arm(!!!). The final stage is brutal, having to escape the collapsing fortress without attacking and at low health. You escape, and then ending cutscene! Cue Proto Man saying things about him possibly not being able to help Mega Man any more because he is weak to the virus, and Bass saying that he will protect Mega Man if Wily deems him useless. Then Mega Man is fixed, and there’s a cutscene; credits. Congratulations, you beat Mega Man Unlimited!

In terms of gameplay, it’s pretty much the same. Mega Man charges, slides, jumps, and shoots like we are all used to. The stages are slightly longer, though, but that’s all for the better; you have more time to enjoy them. The addition of the Z-Prototype as a second playable character is a welcome addition, as well as endless attack modes and Whirlpool Man’s stage.

The music is INCREDIBLE. It fits in perfectly with the stage or environment it is played in. I personally like Zero’s fight theme, it reminds me of X5’s fight with Zero. (mostly because it’s the same song, just 8-bit and a little different). Kevvviiinnn and MegaPhilX did a great job on the OST (as well as anyone else who helped with that).

In conclusion, it’s an awesome game. Mega Man Unlimited took us back to the old days of Mega Man and keeps us looking towards the new future of the super fighting robot. Fight, Mega Man! For everlasting peace!

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