Mega Man: Super Fighting Robot

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Mega Man: Super Fighting Robot is a very good fan game. The first thing you notice while you’re playing SFR is how it is similar to the original games. You are playing a game that can be considered (sometimes) superior to the classic ten chapters. It’s fluent, mechanics are presented in a great way, enemies are well done, their placements are ok and the soundtrack is awesome. I love how the developer had such a good attention to the details; nothing is placed randomly, there are no unfair parts and everything is put in a way to test you and your ability on this game, creating a good challenge to compete on!

The game doesn’t stop when you beat the final boss! In fact, after you’ve completed the game, you can get CDs that are hidden in each stage and you get optional features to make the game different in terms of gameplay. Also, there are a lot of challenges, some of them must be unlocked and a few of them are actually pretty rough! A great value of challenge here!

Just a few negative aspects; it runs too slow on average computers (in fact I had to play it on a more recent pc), Robot Masters are not typical to the original ones (in terms of graphics and design), and sometimes it can be too much easy (especcialy if you buy all the pieces of the Armor) even though the challenge still exists.

Mega Man: Super Fighting Robot is a great homage to the series. You won’t regret playing this game. A great way to enjoy your free time! Definitely one of the best Mega Man fan games ever made!

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Vucious Creed

Super Fighting Robot is one of the best fan games out there in the recent years. The quality of work the game provides displays itself throughout and doesn’t ask too much out of the player with fair and balanced gameplay.

SFR has some pretty solid controls. Nothing feels too out of place or awkward as Megaman moves fluidly with little issues. The game’s graphics are also quite decent with detailed layouts in every stage. The music is also high quality and would feel in place for a Mega Man title… and maybe another (Wily 2 sounds suspiciously like something out of Street Fighter 2010). The robot master weapons are also really good. A lot of them are very versatile with several of them having a secondary funtion such as the Trash Attack funtioning as a makeshift double jump, for example.

The overall level design is above average. There aren’t many obstacles that come across as cheap shots to the player and feel punishing. However, some enemies could have been designed better; the enemies in Wizard Man’s stage stand out in this regard as having some of the rougher enemy sets in any game. The stages also have issues with length as a stages can run longer than average. The addition of mulitple checkpoints eases this a bit, but the feeling of weariness for being in a stage too long can still be a thing (Zap Man is a go-to for this argument). Also, game has a ton of gimmicks for each stage like the teleporters for Dagger Man and the target cursor that tracks you throughout Wily 2, for example. While each gimmick plays itself fairly (even the force beams gimmick don’t instant-kill), the stage length issue can make them over-tiring. However, to its credit, it doesn’t overuse them as they are usually delegated to a single stage.

Bosses, for the most part, are well-done… though some of their designs can leave much to be desired (what IS Coal Man supposed to be, anyway). No boss comes across as blantantly cheap, but some have quirks that can be overbearing if the player makes a mistake (looking at you Mr. “No personal space” Leaf Man). The worst that can be said about these bosses are that some may have attacks that can be hard to deal with due to lack of tells (Wizard Man) or have a lot of stuff going on that makes themselves pretty hectic (U.F.O.). However, in general, the boss fights are usually pretty satisfying to fight in spite of some quirkiness here and there.

The replay value is actually pretty crazy. This game emphasises a bit on collectables. The shop allows for collecting upgrades akin to the X series to buff up Megaman significantly. While there are collectible discs that add loads of bonus features and options to the game. There are also unlockable difficulty modes and boss challenges (with a few guest stars from other well known games along with a few surprise fights). So there are quite a bit of extras in the game to add some longevity.

In the end, Super Fighting Robot is a great fan game that honors the classic style of Mega Man games very well. It has its rough edges in terms of level design and is a bit gimmick-heavy, but it never feels taxing to the player. This is a must-play as it’s one of better fan games out there.

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Mega Man: SFR is an interesting case. It starts out difficult and becomes laughably easy later on due to some questionable balance. It’s a solid game, but not the best.

The levels look great, but the bosses are mediocre at best. I do like Zap Man and Axe Man, however. The music is passable, with a only Zap Man’s theme really standing out.

A major issue is the slide. It’s too fast and too long, meaning you can die from a screen scroll if you’re sliding and don’t react quickly. The shop returns with new armor pieces to buy, with seemingly high costs, but you will quickly notice how absurdly fast you get bolts. These armor parts are extremely powerful, and collecting them all powers them up further still.

The weapons are also insane. The Dagger is mediocre, but the rest are exceptional. The Leaf Boomerang is ridiculous, and makes Metal Blade look balanced.

The combination of the weapons and armor turn you into a walking apocalypse, and allow you to blow through the game at a rapid pace. If you avoid the armor, you will have enough bolts to keep infinite energy tanks. If you don’t use the shop at all, the game is somewhat frustrating.

The game is fun, but highly imbalanced and therefore unsatisfying to complete. It never feels “just right” when it comes to challenge.

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Mega Man: SFR is a great experience. I have already known that this is an amazing fan game.

Graphics are very well done. I love most of sprites, tilesets and backgrounds. They keep 8-bit style, like rest of the game. And that’s what I like the most.
About soundtrack, it’s very catchy. Robot Masters’ Stages have great themes, along with Wily Stages.
Physics strongly remind me of original Mega Man. Moving, jumping, shooting, sliding and more mechanics are very neat.

Personally, I think the attack damage of this game is too big. I barely can beat a Robot Master without using an E-Tank. However, the battles are very interesting. Weapons are pretty powerful too.

In short, every Mega Man fan should try Mega Man: SFR. I enjoy this game so much and I hope everyone does. It’s great effort. It’s really worth playing and playing it!

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