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As the Current holder of the Mega Man Sunrise Speedrun world Record (against one other time, what a flex), I’ll first say that Sunrise is not a good game. But it does have some surprisingly good aspects to it. I guess I’ll start with the positives.

1. Weapons
The weapons are pretty good overall. Besides valve missile, a completely useless weapon that runs out hilariously quickly, and kunai blade, which is overshadowed by the other weapons in almost every way, they have their uses and are fun to use, specifically mirage bomb and sound dash.

2. Robot master patterns (Robot masters have a huge damage problem but I’ll get into that later)
The patterns are completely unique and some are particularly fun to fight, specifically circuit man and Trance, which are pretty fun to fight overall.

3. Some stages are pretty fun for the challenge they provide, not being too difficult and having some fun to them. These are the stages that don’t have too many death traps and focus on enemies (Kunai Man, Vine man, Wily 3)

4. Control. Mega Man can do everything you want him too, jump out of slide, grab ladders when you want to, movement is smooth. It’s probably one of the most impressive part of the game.

5. Story. Nothing amazing, but it has cut scenes that are decent enough. (Besides the ending)

With that said, there are many things to be improved.

1. Statistic difficulty. Robot masters lose only half a bar of health for every lemon you shoot at them. This is even worse when the robot masters do major collision damage, and with the robot master patterns getting uncomfortably close to you (Vine man’s walk pattern tricks you and most of the fights you take most of your damage from running into them rather than their actually weapons.), this means you are almost required to have an e-tank on you for the fights for the first half of the game when you don’t have their weaknesses, because surprise, only 2 of the 4 starting robots have weaknesses you can use, and you probably won’t have them. Combine this that the first 4 stages almost all have instant death in them (Valve man, Scorch man, Vine man) you will likely stop playing before even clearing all four of the first robot masters.

2. Instant Death. Almost all of your deaths will be from spikes and pits if you don’t have perfect jumping (sound dash helps a ton, but you have to know to get it, and only comes in in the 2nd half of the game) Wily 1 and 2, Vine man, Haze man, Scorch Man, all have spots you will die the first time, not matter what.

3. Wily Boss fights. Wily 1 boss is unfair, Wily 2 is Super unfair without the weakness, and the Wily machine will kill you by teleporting on your face with no chance to dodge. These bosses aren’t that fun to fight either, as they lack fair challenge.

4. Unfair Enemy placement. Some enemies are alright, but this game has some incredibly annoying enemies. The ceiling and ground zappers from MM3 are back, but impossible to dodge with how the game is scaled. Seriously, without sound dash, you are fucked. Some enemy placements are incredibly unforgiving, and lead to unfair deaths. Also fuck the one enemy in Scorchman’s stage next to the death lava and death beams that can only be shot in the back.

5. Ending. The ending sucks though because Spoilers, Wily gets away. That it. WIth how the cut scenes were designed earlier in the game, you think you would get something but no. Disappointing.

With all of that said, I will say that I have had fun with the game. The weapons make speedrunning fun enough, as if it sucked to speedrun I would never do it. But with how much you have to know about the game to make it fun, I can’t recommend it if you want a challenge, as too many of the deaths are just unfair. It does have some really great parts to it, but with how much you just have to know, it’s not worth playing unless you are curious for a challenge and ready to die for it.

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