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Excerpt from my Youtube comment:
I’ve beaten the game… I did lose footage of one Wily Stage, and I’m not re-recording that… EVER.

To be more clear, there are 10 Fortress Stages, and you have to clear them in ONE SITTING.
5 Stages dedicated to Megaman’s “siblings.” And the other 5 for Wily. I started recording the Wily Stages like, at lunch time, and ended up finishing up recording in around 10pm or so. I was drained, like, after Wily 2, and Wily 3 was just crap.

Overall, this game was crap. It may have been really cool WAY back then(it seemed cool to me way back then too, when I was starting to use Game Maker.) I’ve grown quite a bit since then, and playing it as a much more experienced-uh, aspiring game developer, you realize really wasn’t even close to great nor good.

To nail down more issues with this game:
-Some bosses literally have more HP/Defense than others.
This is evident with certain bosses taking more bullets to knock down one bar of health.
Taking damage should be consistent, and never have final calculated damage values below 1, especially for the Mega Buster.
The only value for damage below 1 that is valid is 0, which is immunity to weapon x.
-Weapons are exhausted too quickly.
It’s clearly made so that you only use the weapons on bosses. Beyond it, regular use for the weapons is just crap.
-Boss patterns are literally low effort.
Glass Man in this was really pathetic in where I can just jump and avoid him as his “pattern” is simply to walk a direction then turn as he hits a wall, sure it complicates because of the terrain in where he jumps up to continue moving, but other than that, nothing. OH HE SHOOTS but it doesn’t even have an animation and it’s random.
Blue Tako Trash hits like a freakin’ truck. It’s already bad that the original didn’t have too many animations, this one has none. So I’ll have to wait until it shoots the big fireball before doing anything. It’s weakness is barely enough to kill it, and using the Megabuster is crap because it takes too many shots to take down one bar.
-The Wily 3 curse
Wily 3 seems to be always a bad number for fan games. Wily 3 typically is the worst of a lot of fan games, mainly I think it really just stems on the developer trying to finish the game as they’re very close to the end. There’s a bit of strain, and I understand the mishaps. Though, this is worst Wily 3 I’ve encountered, mainly because the shrimps are relentless and you to make jumps in between spiked floors and ceilings, ON TOP of the horrible physics.

On the release of this game:
Though yeah, this was like released on the dawn of people deploying games in a relatively quick manner due to how easy it is to work with Game Maker. So, as expected there are a lot of really bad Game Maker games. When he released this game back then, it was “better” than the rest of the crapfest so it was considered good at the time(keyword: at the time). Now it really just doesn’t hold up.

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