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Ross Scott once said of The Crew that it was a game that was difficult to rate properly because its selling point is so particular: how do you rate a driving game that lets you drive across all of America? And so this is the case for Day in the Limelight 2 as well; how do you rate a Mega Man game designed from the ground up to let you play as all the Robot Masters, when such a thing isn’t really feasible in any other game?

To its credit, DITL is more than just its gimmick. There’s a real sense of charm to the whole thing, like Bubble Man’s awkward walk cycle or the wonky way that robots interact with their stages. There’s something pretty commendable about a game that tries to give everyone something to do, and it honestly does a good job of taking the rather scattershot Robot Masters and weapons of 2 and turning them into somewhat viable characters. But it lacks polish; it truly does feel like a fangame, in everything from the interface to the effects to the janky implementation of the Wily Capsule. And the balance is rather skewed for a game that lets you play as eight characters, to the point that you can beat a large chunk of it, much like 2 itself, by just using Quick Man and Metal Man for everything. I’d honestly recommend not making use of the switching feature until the Wily stages.

Still, though, if this concept had to be executed, it could certainly have gone worse, and the level of improvement between it and DITL1 is pretty impressive. Shame the creator kinda vanished halfway into 3’s development.

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