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Mega Man II is nothing more than a bootleg masquerading as an official title. Nothing, and I repeat, nothing is good here.

The first thing you’ll notice is the godawful soundtrack. Iconic themes have been replaced with an ear-piercing noise that makes you want to stop playing immediately.

The graphics may initially look passable, but you will quickly notice how many sprites are poorly redrawn and poorly scaled. Mega Man’s head is misaligned when sliding, which doesn’t make sense since the rest of it is identical to the NES version.

The level design is easy and haphazard, allowing you to blow through it without thinking whatsoever. Enemy Placements have no thought behind them whatsoever.

If you want to try the Game Boy series, skip this. It’s the worst official classic game by far. The best praise I can muster is that it’s functional.

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So, this game tends to get alot of hate… mostly from the high-pitch Music. Well I think the Music is so high pitched, because of how the way the Songs are Composed. I think the Music is very well done. No, the high-pitch doesn’t bother me.
The Gameplay and the Mechanics fall kinda fall on their Ass tho. Quint doesn’t make it any better either.

In my opinion, this Game is still much better than Mega Man 8.

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