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Flying Camels

Uhhh yeah

Eternal, where do I begin.

This really grinds my gears in many ways, the stage design, the lack of good in it.

A man publishes a game to the entire world, his treasure turns out to be the entire world’s trash. He looks confused, he cries out “you are all wrong!, this is a treasure!”. But the world replies “no, this is trash painted gold”. Depressing, right?

That is how Eternal is in a metaphorical sense. The level design is atrocious, its boss design is amazingly terrible it is a BAD GAME. I cry out to Jesus and say “why must you exist”. There are no seizure warnings for stuff like the final boss, and no warnings for how bad this game would be. It is okay to differ from opinions but as a dev you cannot say an opinion is wrong. If you weren’t prepared for this you should have never published it. Your emotional defenses do not matter to logical opinions. You don’t deserve a rating.

Game Rating

You know Megaman Intro stages became a stable after megaman 7 or megaman X in the SNES. intro stages are meant to teach you the ins and outs of the game itself. megaman eternal ‘s intro stage teaches how bad the game is in about 3 minutes. WOW.

There is so much wrong here- in just the intro stage lets begin with megaman. Just one hit lets me know the invincibility frame is pretty much useless. like if megaman had spark mandril syndrome in every hit- that bad. and oh my god my sweet mega buster what have they done to you. you used to be so useful and two mets are enough to tell me you now suck- except one of the two mets tells me one doesn’t have its invincibility frames right. I am playing the latest version uploaded in the site. this bug shouldn’t be here.

and the intro boss is complete trash- I get a devil can be done for a intro boss but this is ridiculous. a intro boss should be easy to dodge and not hit so much. like, who gives the boss an attack that covers so much of the battle arena? you’re only managing people to steer away from the game as soon as they play the intro like for real man.

I cannot recommend this game to megaman fans. i cannot recommend this game to ANYONE. heck id get more fun of other megaman fan games.

Game Rating

Take everything ”Mega Man” out of this game, and you have a decent experience, for the most part. There is nothing Mega Man about this game. Physics are flawed beyond comprehension, Robot Masters are unfair, level design is atrocious and enemies behave strangely. This is as much a Mega Man game as Sonic is a Mario game. This is the biggest flaw of this title, well, the other biggest flaw.

There is not a lot of good in this title, and it all gets even more sour when you learn the background of it. There are no mistakes or bugs, just features.

A bad game at its core is fine since it can be improved via feedback, but in this case it’s not possible. When you get upset about opinions and feedback, it’s clear that Mega Man Eternal should never have even existed.

Game Rating
big lumby

I have beaten MM1-7, MM10, and MM11, but I, for the life of me, can’t bring myself to play a game so poorly designed and programmed like Mega Man Eternal for more than half an hour, let alone beat it. Even if I hadn’t beaten any Mega Man game, I’d still recognize a terrible game when I see one, and, trust me, this is barely scratching the echelon of being playable. With MM9, I can understand why I can’t beat it, and even accept it, due to it being a homage to MM1 and MM2, even if it’s difficulty ramps are a bit too harsh.

With Mega Man Eternal, the difficulty curve is so unforgiving, so downright cruel and unusual for something like Mega Man, it brings back memories of Mega Man & Bass, a game that is maligned in the community, and with good reason. Y’know, you’re not supposed to design your bosses after Burner Man, right? Or, really, any of the robot masters, save for Cold Man.

It’s a real big red flag when the intro stage, the core first impression of the game, the thing that has hooked players into most of the X series and MM7 and 8, is a huge, glaring showing on why your game is awful. I barely got past the stage due to how utterly difficult the intro boss is, which it isn’t supposed to be. You can have it either be almost cake-walk levels of easy, or have it be a no win situation; you don’t mix the two and have it be an almost no win situation, only beatable by pure luck and praying to whatever religion you believe in.

My advice? Stay as far away from this game as you can possibly can. This is a bottom-tier Mega Man fan game, not even worthy of being lumped together with definitively better games, such as Revolution, Unlimited, Quint’s Revenge, Rock Force, Super Fighting Robot, 2.5D, Dr. Wily’s Final Attack…even Mega Man Rocks is better than this. Yes, you heard me right! Mega Man Rocks, a game I’m certain was made as an inside joke, is better than this heaping pile of garbage, and even then it has some form of nostalgia backing it!

I’m just hoping people don’t use this as a base for a fan game of their own. We already have enough trash.

Game Rating

Mega Man Eternal is a fan game that isn’t a Mega Man at all. Jumping physics are terrible, boss fights are annoying and most of weapons are useless. The plot is pretty interesting so far, but I don’t understand why there are no dialogues in the rest of the game (there are only dialogues in intro).
One think I like in Eternal is a soundtrack. Some of the tracks are really catchy. However, let’s go back to worse things. The level design is often awful. Due to game’s
broken physics, some of the levels are a hell. I mean Primal Man stage (part with roller-coaster section) and Wily Stronghold 3 where you must kill yourself if you destroyed too much ice blocks.
So, Mega Man Eternal is bad. Very bad. So many broken things don’t allow the players to have fun. I personally had a lot of fun while playing this fan game at first time,
but now… Now I know what Mega Man fan game needs to have. Fortunetaly, the sequel – Mega Man Eternal 2 looks much better. I hope everyone will have a lot of fun playing the sequel when D.R. Page will release it.

Game Rating

Mega Man Eternal is just as bad as people say it is. Disgraceful mechanics, broken controls, horrible graphics, stolen assets, some of the weapons are worthless. In cipher man’s stage you pretty much have to understand binary to be able to beat it. Wily 2 and 3 are just awful. The only good things about the game are the catchy soundtrack and creative ideas and bosses intros with a unique charm, the intro stage was pretty good, and wily 4 is pretty cool at least the first time through. Though, the few good points of this game are easily overshadowed by the multitude of bad ones. For the sake of your own sanity, do not play Mega Man Eternal.

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