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Personally I enjoy this game the weapons are awesome (like you said) and I love how there where able to fit the ps1 graphics and put it into the snes and some of the problems people have with game make no sense like with dynamo recharge easily going away with or burner man being easier with tengu blade I guess multiple weaknesses is just to difficult to understand …
yeeeaaahh sure there are a few unfair spots but there few and faaaaaarrrr between.
these guys basically get all my points starting at 16:38

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Mega Man & Bass is actually a good game. Still it’s supposed to be for Bass and playing it as Mega Man is hard.
The Music is great but because of horrible gameplay makes it a low Rating. There are like 100 CDs for you to collect.
Some require Rush Search, some require Bass, some require certain Weapons… so on.

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Brent Critic

“Where’s your Mega Man 6 review?” – I said I’ll get to it by summer. I didn’t tell you which though XD. I’ll get to that game later but for now, I want to give my thoughts on one of the most disliked installments in the franchise, sort of.

I first heard of Mega Man & Bass via TheRetroReplay’s review on it (rewatched it recently and was bored by it) and since then, I got the impression that the game wasn’t very good. I then watched Somecallmejohnny’s review (still one of my favourite videos, it’s hilarious) and was confirmed it sucked. Just two years ago however, ExoParadigmGamer made a one hour review defending the game and that was the review that made me want to give the game a chance. I finally got to try the game a year ago and recently replayed it to keep my opinion up to date. Spoiler warning but I didn’t like the game all that much but it’s not entirely for the same reasons. Let’s get into it.

Ignoring the phenomenal graphics and good music by Super Nintendo standards, one praise I do have to give this game is its high replay value. Throughout the game are CDs you can collect which give you some decent information on the robot masters and such. Of course, that’s when you’re playing the game either in Japanese (if you can read Japanese) or playing the English translation on the repro cart. The English translation in the GBA version is really poor and takes away a lot of the fun value you could get from collecting CDs. In general, the GBA version is a terrible port especially thanks to screen crunch. Unless you really love to break a Game Boy Advance, it’s recommended you avoid it. Even then, the Super Nintendo version isn’t miles above it.

One of the game’s biggest criticisms overall is the level design. I’ve got to play Mega Man first and then played Bass last. I have to say it doesn’t matter which character you pick, the level design still suffers from poor enemy placement with both characters. Usually in most of the previous games, enemies would be introduced in a safe environment and then reintroduced in more difficult situations. That’s not really the case with Mega Man & Bass as a lot of the time, enemies are introduced in difficult spots and the levels are designed in a way where some of the placement results in unfair trial and error deaths. Enemies are placed usually at a mid jump or they just continuously try to attack you which means you don’t get much room to take a breath and just relax whilst playing the game. Bass does have an easier time dealing with these poor placements thanks to his double jump but that’s not saying a lot when you’re just instead going to take damage which will noticeably affect your survival in boss fights.

Speaking of boss fights. Most of them are pretty awful especially as Bass thanks to his pathetic arm cannon which barely deals good amounts of damage. Even when playing as Mega Man, the boss fights have really obnoxious and obtuse patterns that make them feel unpredictable. It’s a super frustrating experience having to deal with most of these bosses because unless you have their weaknesses, you pretty much have to spend ages memorising their patterns just to have a fairly decent time. Even after you’ve memorised their ridiculous patterns, some are practically impossible to kill without taking a single hit. Great game design. They’re at their worst when you get to King Fortress 2, two bosses in particular are disasters in overall boss design. You have the tank which, even with its weakness, drags on forever and becomes a tedious chore to take down. You also have the flying tank look-a-like who can destroy platforms above a bottomless pit so you can guess what happens when you play as Mega Man, the one without the double jump. I don’t really have much new to say about these bosses, they’re consistently crap aside from one or two of them. Even Cold Man, the easiest of the bunch, is a boring fight with barely any varied patterns.

Now I can look past the frustration aspects to some extent. Once you’ve played the game multiple times, it’s not too bad. If those were my only issues with the game, I still would have liked this game because it would be fun to replay over and over again, especially with all the CDs there are to collect. Unfortunately though, my biggest gripe with this game is just how uninteresting it feels to play. The level design is some of the most uninspired in the series. While each level does have one or two set pieces of their own, it doesn’t help much to look past that every stage rehashes the same four or five enemies which means you’re going through deja vu when playing these stages. Excluding 8 which had the same issue, the earlier titles had mostly a varied set of enemies for each stage, making all of them feel alive and completely unique, and it gave the impression that Dr. Wily is putting in the effort to take over the world. It made the levels feel immersive and as a result, incredibly memorable. Even in 8, you could somewhat look pass the poor enemy count due to how different the stages felt (mostly because of gimmicks that fell apart). This isn’t the case with Mega Man & Bass. Whenever the game isn’t frustrating, it’s boring as it feels like you’re just doing the same thing over and over again and it really highlights how stale the franchise had gotten to that point.

I honestly don’t know what else to say here. I guess the weapons are good so there’s that. Final Verdict, Mega Man & Bass did have a lot of potential but the overall execution feels very misguided. I actually wanted to play a different game after investing just one hour into this game. I was that bored and uninterested whenever the game didn’t feel like being unnecessarily cheap. As you can tell, I’m siding more with Johnny than Exo. I didn’t care and it’s definitely the low point of the classic series. It’s certainly miles above X6 and especially X7, but that’s not saying a lot. Mediocre at best.

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This game is almost alright. It’s quite bad for a Mega Man game but has its good parts. The game comes off as more of a “kaizo” than a MM game which makes it very un-fun at times. Controls are fantastic and some of the stages are okay. Bosses such as tengu man and dynamo man are extremely annoying, burner man is extremely hard as well, which degrade the experience even further. King 2 is probably the worst stage in a main series mega man game, due to having 4 bosses and the second one can just murder you undodgeably. The game still has it’s good parts though, the graphics are fantastic and the music is great, weapon set is one of the best and stage design at least exists *cough* mega man 8. If you like kaizos and like mega man you will probably like MM&B, otherwise stay away from this game.

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I feel like this game gets a bad rap. It’s really difficult for a lot of people (although I don’t see that, except on wily stage 2 which is IMPOSSIBLE), and a lot take issue with the stage design and game as a whole. I’ve gotta say… it’s one of my personal favorites, but it’s really not great. like I already mentioned, I don’t see the difficulty spike aside from the garbage wily stage. I personally love the soundtrack, and although that’s really subjective I would highly recommend listening to ground man’s or cold man’s theme for some good examples of it. The weapons are fun, I actually love the tengu blade in this one, it has a fun melee aspect, and the copy shot was really fun to me, especially in Dynamo Man’s fight. The stage design can be iffy at times, especially in Burner Man, Pirate Man, and Tengu Man, as the latter two are insufferably boring and the former is a failure on practically every front. However, I think the inventive use of old (or new, in the case of that grey section) in Astro Man’s stage, Ground Man’s interesting puzzles, and creative weapon use in Dynamo man’s stage are all fun. As weird as this sounds, I think this game works far better when emulated, it just seems better suited to a keyboard. The collectables are amazing as well. I’d recommend trying the game if you’re a veteran, but if you don’t like cold man (who you should start with) just leave it. It’s not for everyone.

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