Mega Man 7

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Mega Man 7 is without a doubt overall a good Mega Man Game. The Graphics, the Music and the Gameplay boost the Placement to the top. It’s Flaws also drags the Game downwards, like Starting with only 4 Robot Masters instead of 8, huge Sprites and Ladder Grabs. But everything else is just fine.

Burst Man gets knocked back with the Charged Buster and he looks like a Policeman, but that’s not a huge Problem.
Cloud Man has a weird Sprite and a wide Arena to fight him.
Junk Man looks awkward and his fight is somewhat questionable.
Freeze Man looks like a total Badass, and his fight is hectic as well.
Slash Man is very difficult, but there has to be that dangerous Robot Master on a Mega Man (Fan) Game.
SprÌ̶̻̖͔̰̫̣̻̾͒̅͑ng Man’s Sprite is werd, but his Fight is enjoyable.
T̶̨͙̞́̓̆̈́͘̕̚ͅURB̴̥̯̎̊̑́̒̍͝͝Ò̷̹̎̓̈̇̍͆̒̅ M̵̧̲̖̦̟͓̳̘̞̱͛̿̈́́̌͆͒̈́̓͌̈̈́͛Ą̴̡̨͔̰̙̲̰̬̜̳̓̎͌̈́͋̋͠N̶̷͠ has an interesting Stage And Shade Man is mostly fine.

Mega Man 7 is worth checking out.

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Megaman 7 is a game that manages to perfect lots of the formula but aswell as adding it’s own charm. The weapon balance isn’t the best it has ever been but it is better than previous games (cough cough Megaman 2) and most of the tools are pretty useful mainly being Thunder Bolt, Danger Wrap and Slash Claw however Megaman 4 is much more balanced. Megaman controls fairly well but when compared to the NES games he felt a little bit mistranslated from the those games however it isn’t too much of a deal for it to ruin the game and I can forgive these little gripes starting with the 1st positive that the OST is amazing to hear and if it weren’t for the 8 bit remixes of the Famicon remake and Megaman Maker’s, I wouldn’t have tried 7’s OST for a listen. Many characters return in the game making this game the most lively with the cast and aswell as introducing Auto, Bass and Treble who are fan favourites to many. Finally Megaman 7’s Levels are the most creative you will ever get in a megaman game. To fighting a robot dinosaur in a Jurassic jungle to entering a creepy mansion fighting a vampire styled robot master, this game has charm that no other megaman game has dared to bring. It’s got Megaman’s robotic style mixed with fantasy like stages which is where megaman 7’s charm truly enters. While 7 isn’t my favourite but it’s still a dang amazing megaman game which definitely goes somewhere in a 9 Ranking.

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Megaman 7 is a great game. it is also begginer friendly. this game plays like a mix of megman x and normal megaman. the weaknesses sometimes cheese hard parts of some bosses. some bosses have spark mandrill syndrome like cloud man and junk man.overall i enjoyed this game a ton. if you want to get into the megaman series. please play megaman 7.
however turbo man ruins this experience for me. his stage is infuriating. and so is his fight. screw this guy

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Snufflepus Penguin

Exciting and charming, Mega Man 7 is a pinnacle of the series legacy. It’s a fantastic entry that is often overlooked, which is a shame. It’s the first main game to have an introduction stage, teaching you the basic mechanics of the game.

Bosses are interesting, versatile and menacing. Each boss provides a nice fight, whether your dodging explosive bubbles from Burst Man, icicles from Freeze Man or Slash Man’s claws, just to provide a few examples. The boss weaknesses don’t break their AI completely, so you still have to deploy strategy, even when using their weaknesses. Interestingly, I like how some bosses have strengths against certain weapons, such as Cloud Man’s weapon energizing Spring Man and Turbo Man, or disabling the elemental shots from Wily’s capsule. Interesting interactions with the bosses provide tons of replayability.

Stages are generally well done, enemies match their environments and stage mechanics are often well shown. Lots of fun mini-bosses to challenge yourself, and interactions, such as powering the generator box in Junk Man’s stage to lift the elevators. Some stages are a bit weak and lack cohesion, but it’s overshadowed by the overall experience. Wily Stages are powerful and menacing in nature, and despite only having 1 castle compared to previous entries, it’s still a great experience. It’s tough, but not cheap difficulty. Wily 3’s underwater area is a bit weak though. Secrets are difficult to find. You’ll probably need a guide.

Mega Man 7 is a polished gem, regardless of the minor weaknesses. It’s a blast to play, up there with MM4, MM9 and MM10.

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Mega Man 7 has it’s moments of good, and it has it’s moments of bad. But overall, Mega Man 7, in my honest opinion, is one of the best Mega Man games. While the challenge is rather small, you’ll find enjoyment elsewhere, like with the mostly excellent boss design, the good soundtrack, and the excellent visuals. Mega Man 7 is definitely one of the more stylistic Mega Man games, and while not quite as stylish as a a game like Mega Man 11, I still find a lot of enjoyment out of it. Sure, the story might not be that great, some stages are pretty bad, and the weapons may be hit or miss a times, but I’d still strongly recommend Mega Man 7.

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