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Seems like the hype came and went with this one quite prematurely, sad to hear as I consider it a top tier fan game. I hated it when I first played it, I believe it was still a version after the beta and they hadn’t yet added wily stages or megaman 9 robot master stages. However with version 1 the one with the aforementioned additions, I started to love it as I saw that creator had added a save feature and more modes to regulate the difficulty so that it felt more like megaman 10.

Best way to experience this game is gradually through baby steps, a little everyday. starting on easy which kickstarts you with 9 lives instead of the 5 you get on normal or the 2 you get on hard. In my opinion a better way to tackle the difficulties via lives instead of babying it down like mm10 where they made easy mode absolutely insulting by practically barring off any spikes or fallible pits. Anyway from that playthrough, then take it to normal and hard and then 2 player so forth.


The 2.5 d aspect is best thought of as a garnish and not the meat and potatoes which should be considered as the co-op and extended high vertical ascending -side scrolling levels and achievements.

Co op stages are designed differently, in that the letters are spread out in different locations/robot master stages from that of single player mode. It is very fun but obviously not everyone has someone who can constantly play with them, also the catch with this as in any other multiplayer sidescroller/platformer is that both players need to be on par with each other, they need to be equally skilled, and this doesn’t often bode to well when the levels are laced with spikes. Also you can stand on your partners head to gain more of a altitude on your jumps and your partner is considered an invisible wall which you can’t go through, adding for a more change in gameplay style

The bosses for the most part share their megaman ai/difficulty from the original set of games they were based on, however most are made quite easier like shadowman and quickman, In contrast to Pharaoh man who suffers from the OP fanboy syndrome.

The unlockables are a great addition for replayability factor and actually make use of the achievement list! First megaman to make of achievement in this way, instead of just making it about bragging rights. That being said don’t expect too much new things,think of it as bootcamp for a spoiled megaman, as in you want the charge shot? well then fork over 4 achievement trophies and you shall have it. The challenge stage is the only new addition, It requires quick actions such as changing to rush jet then quickly switching over to trident and so forth, but it lacks a boss and the program runner crashes often on it.

Tornado mans power is my favorite and actually one of the more versatile powers as there is no rush jet item and through a properly used tblow you can go on top of platforms to reach letters, energy orbs and lives/etanks. In fact you can use tblow to farm 9 lives from beginning few screens of splash woman’s stage, which will be absolutely neccesary for the fortress stages.

This game will train you to get better at megaman I mean if you can get through those spikes and the wonky tornado man section in this game then you should have confidence In megaman 6’s plant man chance time springs and or any of the later robot stages in megaman 3 on the gameboy which are congested and spike laced.

Another noteworthy thing is that this game is very easily m-bustered only. The enemies don’t spawn back however the levels are lenghty and overall that decision eliminates any bad enemy placement, however maybe its also double edged sword whose other end might be considered a cop out from the perspectives of a game programmer, I cannot say for sure as am just a casual player of megaman and not much more.


It suffers from being too spike crazy in the wily stage 2, that and water physics with a narrow section too and with overly sensitive hit detection from spikes overhead, this one stage I warn you could take you an hour or two alone considering that and you would need to farm in between lives for rush jet fuel, and this isn’t acceptable for a non rpg based game.

jumps over long gaps are to be done in a stop inch forward with the tipy-toe strategy, as megaman feels very weighted and easily misses the mark on these jumps. For this reason you might find that you have to slow down and work on timing each time you see a ledge to jump over But this is no good for speed runners!!! Note: use tblow to get through these parts, just make sure you don’t bump your head on a low ceiling ore else you wont make the jump and don’t even bother using the power if spikes directly above you.

You can only fire with 3 shots being visible at a time(standard mm ruling) but here the level can stretch out and expand, making it have a wider screen or course, where if you expel all your lemons at once you are left vulnerable, not being able to gun down an enemy in time before it blasts you, so fire 1-2 bullets sparsely. A quick fix o this problem which I would have been welcomed is if there was an upgrade obtainable through achievement to make it so that the buster shots that you got in megaman 8, allowing 5 shots on screen.

The biggest Cardinal sin was however not modifying the Wily stages so that you could save in between them, as the whole thing is quite an ordeal and reads more of a weekend chore or game to play on you holiday as would not be manageable on a 9-5 workday schedule.


Anyway I realize that not everybody likes games overtly difficult especially when there are unfair segments both which I can’t deny that this game has, rest assured that this is beatable through practice such as practicing your jumps/ controller button sensitivity on the water spike segments and or using rush jet there and or using lighting tridents on sniper joes when you climbing ladders and don’t want to fall your death. This is basically a game I felt a sense of reward each time I beat a stage, got a difficult to obtain letter or found a great weapon to exploit on certain enemies. I don’t feel like it would be one of those games whereof there is a serious lack of a sense of reward when you beat it, unlike some fangames and hack(which will not be mentioned) where even if you do proceed to make it passed a given obstacle you are no less relieved but rather made aware of the your worn out digits, the blunt damage to the buttons on your joypad you are slowly damaging, and all the precious time you have been expending for a game that has no meaning, no passion at its core.

SCORE: 7.3/10

Let it be known that I have no affiliation with this game or the creation team or testers or anything like that, I am just a gamer and fan of retrojob/snupsters who’s has a soft spot for classic games and since this let me live a dream I always wanted, co-op in megaman, I pitched in my thoughts.

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Random Guy

The best way to explain Mega Man 2.5D is like the Mega Man equivalent to those crappy free games you have when you first buy a Windows Computer. The game is easy, clean, and is basically everything we have seen before. The game isn’t really worth playing as it doesn’t use any of the old or reused ideas in an interesting manner. As meantioned earlier, it’s really bland and generic. Some weapon improvements have been made and the music is pretty good even if it’s just remixes. The game doesn’t have much heart put into it and feels put together for fun as a first project. Just watch a let’s play online of this game. Or Nico’s first ever Evaluation series, which is on this game. Would not reccomend.

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