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As the second entry into the franchise, Mega Man 2 took everything that made the first game great and improved upon it. The controls are tight and responsive (and relatively glitch free, something a lot of the later games couldn’t boast). The 8 robot masters are all unique and full of personality. The levels are varied, colorful, and mostly well laid out. The soundtrack is legendary, Capcom opted to take a more rock-genre approach with many backbeat inspired tunes (except the Crashman theme… #£@$ that song)

The game is not without it’s flaws, however. Even on the classic setting, the game is very easy. Some stages are replete with cheap shots, requiring pixel-perfect timing to avoid taking inevitable damage. Special weapons employment often seems like an afterthought, and the boss fights can be among the most predictable. The last half of the Wily stages are depressingly easy and the final Wily fight (the alien fight) is probably the single easiest battle in the game.

The game does not offer the challenge that some other entries in the series do, but I do think this is one of the easiest games to pick up and master.

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Megaman 2 is a game that is in a special place in many hearts, but once you look at it with an open mind you start to realize the incredibly flawed design, you start to realize how lazily made the game, the mechanics aren’t bad, the game isn’t unplayable but that is the only reason why I’ll give it points. The soundtrack isn’t very special either.

Robot Masters are not shit, but they aren’t the best designed, their levels can be short, they don’t use the weapons to their advantages and usages, and the bosses are either exploitable, fun or quick man.

Wily Stages is when the game goes to hell, Wily 1 is an okay stage with some questionable design, but Wily 2 is when you can say you finished the game. Wily 2 and 3 are embarassingly easy stages that look ugly and are lazily done, how so? Incredibly short and a lack of enemy variety. Wily 4 is very boring, it suffers from the lack of enemy variety from the older stages and has a serious lack of threat other than fake floors you can fall through. Oh, and the boss is a £”@$ you to anyone who plays it. Wily 5 is rematches but i’ll still say Wily Machine is a pretty terrible fight. Now Wily 6, it has the best song in the game and has the most excitement this game is gonna over.

Silence and drops of acid.

And then the easiest final boss megaman has got to over, a god damn alien that moves in 8 figure motion that dies to bubbles. Lovely.

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Yes. I agree that Mega man 2 is overrated. But for me, the game isn’t that bad. The game is colorful, SOME of the weapon are fun to use, and I do enjoy some stages like wily 1 and woodman’s stage, but that said, there are some things that I hate! In wily 4 there is bad enemy placement with the sniper joes, most of the weapon ain’t fun to use, Capcom got lazy with wily 2-6, and the beamboomtrap(The turret boss) speaks for itself. In the end, I can look past the lazy wily stages, but the other problems are certainly problems. Mega man 5 is a better game for me, but Mega man 2 still isn’t that bad. It’s just alright.

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Mega Man 2 is a game that I used to love, but as of right now, it’s good, but it certainly has its flaws.

Since I typically like to end on a high note, here are the flaws: the Robot Master weapons are pretty unbalanced, given the Metal Blade it pretty broken. Now, the other weapons can be used in several places (besides the Atomic Fire, which is plain awful, and the Crash Bomber, which is only really used for destructible walls), but the MB is too good a weapon. The final few Wily Stages are sadly way too easy (hell, the only real challenge after Wily Stage 2 in the Boobeam Trap, and I’ve never actually died to it). The Wily Stage 3 – 5 music is pretty rubbish, too. Some of the enemy placement is pretty mean, like that Sniper Joe in the hallway in Wily Stage 4.

On the good side, the Robot Masters all have pretty good design (except Bubble Man, probably). Their stages offer different challenges (Yoko blocks, Force Beams, and the like) and at least these guys put up a bit of a fight (which is more than I can say for other Robot Masters in the series). The music – with the exception of the aforementioned Wily – 5 music – is very, very good. Speedrunning the game is quite fun, as well.

A bit overrated, but still worth playing.

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Bidoof Princess

In my opinion, a sequel should always strive to take what made the original great and improve on it, but aside from in control, which feels near identical to the original’s, Mega Man II doesn’t in an way.

Let’s get this out of the way first: most of the weapons are near useless. I found myself only ever using 3: Air Shooter, Quick Boomerang and Metal Blade, and even then, saying I used the Air Shooter is a bit of a stretch. I only ever really found it useful against Sniper Joes, Pipis and Changkey Makers because enemies are seldom at an angle where it’ll be effective. It is when it is, but in those cases, why not just use Metal Blade? It and Quick Boomerang barely use any energy, fire extremely fast, have great range and do crazy damage to everything. In almost any situation, it would be better to use one of those than the Bubble Lead, which barely hurts anything, Atomic Fire which uses way too much energy with low damage output, Crash Bomb which takes way too long to detonate, Leaf Shield which only protects you if you don’t want to progress or the Time Stopper which while a good idea on paper, can’t be stopped once used, meaning you can only really use it once. I do like the Items though, but solely in what they do. They lack any personality with their bland names and even blander appearances. They aren’t interesting at all, and as a side note, 1 and 3 effectively do the same thing but in lightly different ways. I don’t think two weapons that do the same thing were really needed.

The levels themselves honestly had a lot of potential. Each Robot Master level tries to do something new and as such gives each level a unique identity. For a game that came out in 1988, it’s surprisingly diverse in its level gimmicks and I have nothing but praise for it in that regard. How these level gimmicks actually hold up is an entirely different story. Every single level in the game suffers from terrible level design it, being the infamous Quick Man segment, the abundance of instant death hazards in Bubble Man’s stage, or the Yoku block section in Heat Man’s stage that barely gives you time to react. I’m sure once you learn the levels, they’re fine, but none of them are fun to play, so why would you want to? Somehow the Wily Stages are even worse though. The first is passable, but the rest can easily be completed in less than a minute each. They’re far too short to be much of a challenge made even worse by the ugly colour pallette.

The only boss I actually like that much is Heat Man, who has a very Mega Man I-ish AI, only slightly more challenging. The others are either mediocre, like most of the Robot masters, or complete garbage like Quick Man, Wood Man, Air Man and most of the Wily Bosses. Quick Man’s far too fast and is way to random for me to want to learn him, some of Wood Man’s attacks seem near impossible to dodge, and most of Air Man’s attacks straight-up are impossible to dodge. As for the Wily Bosses, Mechadragon makes the game incredibly laggy, making it really hard to dodge his attacks, Picopico-kun is way too simple, Guts Tank has really weird hitboxes and even more awkward attacks, and the Boobeam has the honour of being one of the worst bosses I’ve fought in any video game, requiring Crash Bomb, not letting you miss more than twice and tempting you with wasting the weapon earlier in the level. It is some of the worst game design I’ve ever seen, no joke. Final Wily is alright. I like his first stage, but I can’t for the life of me figure out the second, which is weak to Crash Bomb… which there are no refills after Boobeam… Phase 3 is one of the best bosses in the game, which is sad considering how simple and monotonous it is.

As for graphics, they’re basically the only thing that’s significantly better. They’re bright and colourful and levels often have really nice contrast that makes the game pop, certainly a step up from the pastel pallet of MM1. The Last 4 Wily Stages look awful though, having dark dreary colors, which fit thematically but look awful. The music is also average, being partially great like with Metal, Wood and especially Bubble Man’s themes, but it also has some I hate like Wily 3, Heat Man and Crash Man’s themes. As a side note, I don’t know where to put this, but the Weapon Get screen takes way too long and is painful to sit through.

Mega Man II is the culmination of a plethora of great ideas but none of them are thought through and introduced in logical and interesting ways. Everything seems like it was put in the game because it sounded like a good idea. Everything comes together, though, to create a mess of a game that purely isn’t fun to play. This game lacks everything that makes the other Mega Man games what they are. I get no enjoyment from this game, and personally, it makes me sad knowing this is the game that most people think of when they think of Mega Man.

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Brent Critic

Because the first game didn’t do so well, Capcom originally wanted to forget about Mega Man and move on but they still allowed the same team to make a sequel during their free time. The game was finished in just four months and was released in 1988/1989. Mega Man 2 upon its release was very successful and made Mega Man what he is today, a mascot for Capcom. Back in the day, many considered it to be the best game in the series which is interesting since most 2nd games in their respective trilogies tend to be the black sheep back in the 80s. By today standards, not many people think of Mega Man 2 that highly anymore and is since seen as very overrated. What do I think of Mega Man 2 especially when compared to Mega Man 1? Let’s start with the good points.

As a sequel, Mega Man 2 does improve on several aspects. First, the graphics are more detailed than before with more sprite animations and larger variety in the designs, the use of colour is pretty much the same as last time with some more impressive colour choices and less than stellar scenery. The music is phenomenal and some of the best on the NES with more instrumental variety, better use of the sound chip and an awesome title theme that’s memorable for the right reasons. However, like Mega Man 1, Mega Man 2’s music wasn’t optimized for the PAL format, meaning the music is slower than its NTSC counterpart once again, some music tracks I prefer in PAL like Crash man and air man but most other tracks are better in NTSC, thank the internet for allowing me to listen to the original speed.

Talking about the gameplay, Mega Man 2 controls a little better than Mega Man 1. It still feels loose but it’s not as heavy as before and the input delay isn’t as noticeable this time around. This definitely makes platforming less bothersome and is overall more comfortable this time around. Another improvement is that not only does the game keep the unlimited continues of its predecessor but also introduces a password system. No longer do you have to beat the game in one sitting, you can simply right down the password and come back to it another time without having to start the entire game again. This makes the game much more accessible to first time players and what helps is that there’s less trial and error this time around with the levels having more focus on skill and patience rather than blind memorization that extends game time. You should be happy to know that the game has two difficulty options. Normal is the easy mode and Difficult is the original Japanese difficulty. On paper, this could give the game more replay value as the player is allowed to decide if they want to start comfortable and get more skill which would then help them into being more prepared for a greater challenge. It’s like Star Wars on the Sega Master System except that game handles the different difficulties a lot better.

Yes, now on to the flaws. The different difficulties sound great on paper but the execution is poor at best. This is because difficult mode isn’t hard at all, it’s still kind of easy and there’s not much of a difference in challenges and hazards to overcome. Normal mode sadly makes the game far too easy and makes it rather boring in general. The different difficulties feels more like a test rather than a smart design choice. I can see why Capcom took Normal mode away from the sequels because it takes away what makes Mega Man so appealing and timeless.

There’s more problems with the game. The weapons are insanely unbalanced. Metal Blade is overpowered beyond belief and makes some of the Robot Masters a total pushover, it barely uses any ammo and it fires in eight directions. How come fans don’t criticize this more than the Mega Buster, at least you had to charge it which nerfed it to some extent. Metal Blade pretty much breaks the balance and the Quick Boomerang makes the balance worse due to having twice the ammo and shoots very quickly with high damage. The Leaf Shield is unreliable thanks to moving making you throw it by accident, Time Stopper is awful thanks to only using it once, can’t pause the game and you can’t cancel it, neither can you shoot from your buster while in active. Atomic fire takes too long to charge and is pretty weak, the air shooter is okay but it’s hard to hit enemies with it sometimes, the crash bomber is only useful against destructible walls and a couple of bosses and the bubble lead is useless on almost all the enemies thanks to it dinking off pretty much every enemy except the final boss. Holy shit, talk about a step backwards from Mega Man 1 where the weapons were decently balanced in spite of some flaws. Six situational weapons and two overpowered weapons. What happened here?

Another issue is that the level design is not as engaging as the first game, a lot of the design is basically long, straight corridors with random enemies placed here and there and there’s more climbing ladders which is a little tedious. It makes for some rather boring level design that gets repetitive. The wily castle stages are much worse than the first game. The fact that one of the bosses could force you into playing the stage twice if you don’t know how to take advantage of the crash bomber is just really bad design. The first wily castle is fine but the design starts getting very lazy in the later levels with bad use of colour for graphics and very boring challenges that are more tolerable in difficult mode but not by much. The first game’s wily castle stages weren’t perfect but the challenges and hazards were more interesting and varied and the design was a lot less tedious. Not even the yellow devil would make me prefer 2’s wily castle stages.

The boss battles are pathetically easy even in difficult mode. The Robot Masters can be taken down with just the Metal blade and some of them is practically just mashing the shoot button, the first game had some of this as well but not to this extent. The one where only the crash bomber can kill it is badly designed for reasons I already mentioned. You shouldn’t be forced to master a section of the stage just to have a more comfortable time. That would take a lot of time and patience.

One improvement is that the boss rush is all in just one room this time instead of spread through the castle. It gets you more prepared and hyped for the finale and the Robot Masters drop health the second time you defeat them which is better design in general. Plus, the last room to the final boss is very atmospheric and is a way of showing the player how far they pushed through to the end. This moment is just awesome.

Before I conclude, I should mention one more problem with this game. The disappearing blocks is a lot more punishing than the first game. Mega Man 1 had the decency to not put disappearing blocks over bottomless pits. Mega Man 2 decides to do this and unless you don’t mind wasting time memorizing, Item 2 (an improvement over the magnet beam by the way) is essentially required to past this section in Heat Man’s stage.

To conclude. Mega Man 2 is a very conflicting sequel as it does a lot of things better than Mega Man 1 but also takes a lot of steps backward. It’s more accessible and longer but the flaws kill a lot of the replay value that the first game still contained in spite of its problems. It’s a good starting point due to its easy difficulty and I would say it’s on par with Mega Man 1 but it really does feel like it was made within four months. More like a free time project rather than a complete game. Despite these problems, I still think Mega Man 2 is a good game but it definitely doesn’t deserve the absurd praise it gets. Will Mega Man 3 fix my issues with 2 or will it make it worse? I’ll be reviewing Mega Man 3 next.

Thanks for reading.

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Who hates Metal Blade? Well… i do because it is to overpowered. Just use Air Shooter or Bubble Lead(don’t) or Quick Boomerang. The Game is abit short but at least some good music…

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This game is overrated just because of the Wily 1&2 Track and Metal Blade.

Yes i see that Wily 1 is the best Mega Man OST and everyone’s favorite to.
Not mine. This Soundtrack is Garbage compared to my other favorite tracks…

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One of the most overrated games of all time.

The bosses could use alot of work, there are four bosses that are complete JOKES (Crash man, heat man, metal man, and bubble man) & three that are way too hard (air man(if you do no dmg run),wood man & quick man) all the weapons (except for quick boomerang & metal blade) are essays too weak, and those two weapons are overpowered in comparison. The wahwee levels are also really bad.

The Robot Master stages are o.k. though. And the music is great

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Jim fenolsdorf

Not the worst but its just… painfully bland even back when the game came out in Europe in 1990

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