Mega Man 2: Atari Demake

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MM2: Atari Demake is a fun game. Nothing more than that. It doesnt have ground-breaking gimmicks or introduces mechanics that completely change the Mega man formula. Instead, the dev focused of correcting the flaws of the original MM2 and worked on the level design in order to make the game enjoyable, and in the end, it worked.

Weapon balance always been a problem in MM2, but here the weapons are amazing and useful in various different situations. Theres no overpowered weapon you can just pick and ballrush the intire game, every situation has a different weapon that fits it.

The level design is well made, with clever enemy positioning and fair challenge, especially in the wily stages. The controls feel tight and responsive, the bosses’ AI feel more thought out than his original counterpart, and the wily stages’ bosses are not completely broken like the original.
That said, the game still have some issues. For example, the lack of different itens that made the platforming in the original interesting. Item 1 and 3 might be really similar, but i think they had their moments and were fun to use, so im sad they didnt make it.

The game also has some annoying glitches, like the game ignoring that you beat a stage if you press the menu button too fast in the weapon get screen, or the game ignoring your foward/backwards inputs if you hold them down coming out of the menu.

Some of the weapons are still not very good, and are very situational like the Air Shooter, or the Metal Blade, or the Bubble Lead.

And you can argue the game is very very easy, especially since it refills your weapon energy between each wily stage, making so that you can just go crazy with weapon usage and never be punished for it.

All in all, the game is enjoyable to play and to speedrun.

I think everybody should try it out at least once.

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Before reading this review, keep in mind that I played a different and more recent version of the Atari Demake played by Nico. The version I played was the 1.1.2. A few things I quote here might be different from what you watched (and/or played).

Megaman 2: Atari Demake aims to create a different experience from the original Megaman 2 game. The graphic and the soundtrack resemble the Atari 2600 but it’s not the same thing. Almost every stage have been revamped. The gameplay is way more fluent than the original game. Speaking of which, you will find a bunch of new gimmicks and mechanics (such as in Wood Man stage and Flash Man stage) that will, as I said before, create a different and more enjoyable experience.
The game design is good; there are actual teaching elements and most of the “unfair parts” have been fixed. Weapons have been fixed too, making them useful in various situation without keeping yourself stick to the Metal Blade (which received a huge nerf, making it more balanced).

There are a few issues in AD. First, the game is too easy. This happens because I already completed a lot of times Megaman 2 on the original NES, so I already knew what I would expect in terms of gameplay, stages and bosses. In fact, I never game overed in my first playthrough, died only 4 times, used only 1 e-tank and I was able to pretty much buster only every stage and every boss. About bustering only everything, it’s actually a good thing, but it’s also bad, because this means there are no situations when you are worried about some challenges that may be easy to accomplish, if you use another weapon. I don’t know if someone who never played the original game might find the game more challenging, because the changes done to this game reduced kinda a lot the original difficulty (of course, I’m talking about Megaman 2 Hard Mode).
Speaking of challenges, here is the second issue I got (and this is partially connected with what I said about the difficulty): AD is not memorable. What I mean is there are no situations in the game that make you “remember” what you played or what you accomplished, because you all already played the original game. All right, I said that there are new gimmicks, but there are only (if I remember correctly) 4! The challenges are ok but not something too peculiar or too different. They are acutally too much similar from the original game. I like that in Wily stages there are actually a few parts where you can be a bit scared of and this is fine. The problem is that I wanted more. I wanted to see if Alien Wily became more scaring (it actually got a new attack, but the fight is pretty much the same). I wanted new patterns for bosses (so to differentiate a lot more from MM2). Unfortunatly what I saw is just a bunch of fixes, leaving each boss basically the same thing (still, more balanced)!
There is another issue but this is more from a technical prospective. The game has controller support, in fact I used the PS4 one. The problem is that, for some weird reason, it doesn’t recognize the square button. I tried to bind but nothing happened. So I had to use JoyToKey (which confirmed that my button is not broken).

To sum up, Megaman 2: Atari Demake is a pretty solid game, that creates for sure a different experience from Megaman 2, but not too much diversity can be found. The fixes done are very nice, making the game more fluent than the original one, but at the same time the difficulty is toned down too much. For a “newcomer”, this might be a very good game, but a breeze for experienced players. If you want to play this game, you will spend a good time for sure. But, if you want a challenge, then I might recommend something else.

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