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Considered by many fans to be one of the best in the series, Mega Man 10 fails on many aspects of what makes a Mega Man game good. Almost every stage lacks the polish and fun games like Mega Man 9 and 4 had with very bland and forgettable level design taken straight out of Mega Maker.

The game really likes throwing gimmicks that in concept work very well and can allow for very interesting challenges, but then additional challenge provides no additional challenges outside of a screen or two. Levels like Sheep Man, Pump Man, Blade Man, Nitro Man, and the entire Wily Castle could’ve been great as they all have great mechanics such as the elevators, cars, disappearing blocks, and so on, but the levels never try to actually innovate and challenge the player. The only level that I’d say is at least above average is Chill Man, as it sticks with a good gimmick and ramps up the difficulty very nicely, but nothing else decides to actually try and replicate this. Another issue this game’s levels have is the amount of emptiness and waiting in almost every level. Commando Man’s level is easily the worst offender with its grating sandstorm mechanic that does nothing but make the player wait for a second with no challenge other than walking combined with long stretches of essentially nothing as it’s very easy to kill the one enemy that poses a threat to the player. Wily 3 is also very bad in this regard with the see-saw section that has almost no challenge involved and instead throws 2 shrimp enemies at you expecting to impress the player. The elevator sections are fine, it’s just that they feel the exact same and again, offer no challenge as its really easy to avoid the Mets. I’ll speed through these next few, Wily 2 has the crushers that either activate instantly or in 10 seconds, Sheep Man has disappearing blocks that bog down the pacing without adding any challenge, Pump Man’s E-Tank path has almost no enemies that pose a threat, Nitro Man literally has a stretch where you ride on a car with nothing else happening for 4 screens, Blade Man’s see-saw section is slightly less offensive than Wily 2’s considering that there are more enemies in the section that can actually kill you, Solar Man is overall a decent stage but has shit that offers no challenge other than waiting, and Wily 1 has long stretches of absolutely fucking nothing besides 3 or 4 weak enemies combined with horrible usage of the disappearing blocks found in Sheep Man’s level. A lot of the level design actively aims at boring the player rather than actually providing anything nuanced, challenging, or fun.

The boss fights in this game are a mixed bag, you have really great fights such as Solar Man and Nitro Man, mixed in with a few good ones like Commando Man and Strike Man, and then you have the real shitters such and Pump Man, Sheep Man, Blade Man, and Chill Man. Solar Man is an extremely fun and unique Robot Master that spins Mega Man boss fights on their head, Nitro Man has a great, learnable, and frantic pattern that feels great to fight, Commando Man is solid, feels satisfying to fight but it would be appreciated if a small telegraph for his high jump, Strike Man is a simple and fun pattern, Pump Man is one of the most boring fights in the series that almost gave me arthritis due to the amount of mashing you have to do to shoot him, Sheep Man could be great if he wasn’t in the clouds for half the fight, Blade Man is very repetitive and boring, and Chill Man is overly frustrating at worst and lacks any of the nuance Concrete Man had, another Robot Master that relied on stun locking and contact damage. The Wily bosses blow too, Wily 1 has horribly inaccurate bastardizations of great patterns, Wily 2’s boss feels like Pulse Man’s mid-boss from Rock Force and is way too easy buster only, Block Devil is Block Devil, and Wily’s Machine and Capsule are actually pretty great, especially the Wily Machine’s second phase. They’re fun, frantic, and easily outclasses Mega Man 9’s machine by a landslide.

Now onto the weapons. Water Shield is pretty decent, feels like a less powerful Junk Shield without feeling very underpowered as it blocks projectiles. Solar Blade is a pretty cool piercing weapon that covers many bases. Chill Spike is alright but feels like a more underwhelming Ice Slasher which isn’t bad, just feels kinda lame. Wheel Cutter is a utility weapon that never has its time to shine, everyone knows how awful Thunder Wool is, Rebound Striker and Commando Bomb are okay but very situational weapons that take up way too much energy which discourages you to experiment with them, and Triple Blade is the most overpowered weapon in the entire series. It takes up barely any energy, 4 shots Big Eyes and two or one-shots every other enemy. Besides Water Shield, Solar Blaze, and Chill Spike’s rare moments of pure superiority, there’s almost no rational reason to not use Triple Blade. It does way too much for how little risk there is when using it. While this game’s weapons are not horrible, they pale in comparison to other games and overall they feel very underwhelming to use.

Overall, Mega Man 10 is a game that could’ve been great if it followed the same path at Mega Man 9, but instead of following its path, it went off to the side and jerked off behind a tree instead of actually trying to accomplish something great.

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