Mega Man Rocks!

Developer: Eric Ruth

Mega Man Rocks! was probably made with good intentions in mind, but it fails on every aspect. Every basic mechanic is broken: Everything you know and love about Mega Man isn’t present here. Jump is ridiculously high, the ducking ability doesn’t come into any real play, the inability to slide while running as well as other variables that should be top notch, are sketchy. Levels repeat sections and the same enemies repeat from stage to stage. The game lacks testing and showcases the developer’s lackluster understanding on how a Mega Man game should work.
Some enemies were placed into their original positions and never moved again even if they didn’t function correctly in the position they were placed at. Mega Man Rocks! lacks any kind of polish. You will almost never run out of energy: In fact, most times you will die dropping down a pit, because enemies are always placed near them or in such a way where they will hit you right as you make a jump.
Going back to previous screens or just landing a jump wrong after a transition can lock the game up. Testing the game can lock it up. Playing the game normally can lock it up. Stay away if you love Mega Man.