Developer: Khao Mortadios

Even if you’re not a fan of My Little Pony, you can definitely find something to like here (as did I). Mega Pony starts out great: Physics are near flawless apart from turning, levels look nice and it plays pretty much like a decent fan game. The bosses in the game are definitely its strongest point. A lot of thought was put into the enemy AI’s and patterns. A good amount of research was done prior to making the game, as it clearly showcases how a Mega Man game should feel and control.
Unfortunately, the developer missed the mark what comes to the end game. The Discord stages feel like a random mess of enemies and mechanics, rather than having unique themes throughout. Every Discord stage is just a garbled mess or varying enemies with little to no thought put behind them. The bosses still manage to be awesome despite these shortcomings. The extra content is nice, but even if you don’t plan to play through the entire game, I can suggest at least trying the Mare stages. Mega Pony does a lot right, but manages to be a little bit of a letdown as well.