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Mega Man X2… The sequel to the game that started the X saga. While not an outright bad game, there are some big flaws that really bring this game down, but let’s get all of its positives out of the way. The game grants us a dash right from the get-go, which is a MASSIVE improvement, for obvious reasons. The level design is also not too bad, and the visuals looks quite nice, like Crystal Snail’s stage. The new armor is also really nice, and some of the parts expand upon the first game’s armor parts, such as the leg parts. The bosses are also pretty good, since they can (and will) put your moves to the test. Weapons are not too shabby, and can help quite a bit, and the soundtrack is still something I enjoy listening to. With all that said, the biggest problem is the item collection. Let me reiterate it: Most of the items in this game are hidden too well, incentivizing the player to use some sort of guide to find these things. The game itself tries to help with its head upgrade, but this doesn’t help at all because you can’t defend yourself when using this thing, and you’d have to know that the item is there in the first place. Weapons can range from awful (like Crystal Hunter) to great (like Silk Shot and Bubble Splash), and it’s amazing how they managed to pull that off. I’d knock up X2 over the original any day, but when I look at these games critically, X1 is the superior game. Still a good game, though.

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