Mega Man V (GAMEBOY)

Developer: Capcom  

Mega Man V has gained quite the reputation among the Mega Man fans, and for good reasons. The level designs are near immaculate, the Stardroids put up a nice fight and overall the entire game stretches the capabilities of the Gameboy.
Lag is only present sometimes, and the extremely well crafted polish excuses a lot of the not so great designs that can sometimes be found. While there are some annoyances, overall the game is super solid. End-game seems to drag on for a bit sometimes, and some levels are quite long. Wily forms aren’t too fun.  
The classic Gameboy mechanics are still present, and it’s something that I don’t like. The controls and movement feel super floaty. Overall, there is not much to hate about Mega Man V: Every Gameboy owner should get a lot of playtime on this one.