Mega Man Revolution

Developer: Fifth Independent, ACESpark

Revolution in its current state is underwhelming. Controls are tight and mechanics work nearly flawlessly, but you can’t escape the sheer boredom that results from playing this game. The initial Robot Master stages are alright, even though the bosses themselves are laughable at best.
Revolution starts going downhill after the eight stages and hits something, hard. Somehow Revolution manages to produce worse end game stages than Mega Man 2, and that’s an accomplishment. The experience is so dull there is little to no point in serious evaluation after the Robot Masters.
The game has a questionable road ahead of it, since it’s now being updated over at Sprites Inc., but nothing conclusive has been stated. If Revolution Remix ever sees the light of day, a revisit should be in order. The version that was played in this evaluation was 7.8.5.