Mega Man Powered Up!

Developer: Capcom

Powered Up is a horrid attempt at making a handheld version of the original Mega Man. Difficulty is no longer there on the Normal setting, so I’d advice anyone playing this game to use the Hard difficulty mode. Otherwise most stages can be done in pacifist style. Stages are now bland and uninteresting. Any form of difficulty that is present is artificial. The cute style doesn’t work too well, and controls are janky.
If you want to try another Robot Master that you’ve acquired, it resets your game to a completely new one, without asking you. You can’t just acquire a boss and start using it on the same playthrough. This is a major flaw.
I can only recommend this game to those who don’t seek challenge in a Mega Man game and want to look at cute graphics. Just remember that just like any other 2.5D game, this one doesn’t work all that well.