Mega Man 9

Developer: Inti Creates

A harder Mega Man experience, but still relatively fair. You do get the occasional unfair deaths, but they are easily forgotten because the game is actually joyful. Mechanics are perfect, Robot Masters are easy to like and the weapon set is one of the best in the series. Levels feel like they belong to their respective Robot Masters.
What really makes the game is the flow. Once you get familiar with the game and even if you don’t, you realize how well it’s paced. Enemy placements aren’t coincidental, they are where they are because of good development habits.
I only have very minor nitpicks: Mega Man 9 loves to kill you for fun, so get used to it. Wily stages don’t feel like they have any sort of theme, they just consist of random enemies inside randomly designed fortress stages. Wily bosses aren’t too memorable. Still, this is one of the best Mega Man games to play casually or competitively.




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The Ultimate Mega Man experience. Everything is fine-tuned to near perfection, and difficult to criticize.

One aspect that is only average is the aesthetics compared to the NES games. While the levels look fine and are memorable, 4-6 look far better, and even 3 is better at times.

The removal of the charge and slide could have been annoying, but the superb level design and amazing weapons more than make up for it. Everything is designed to allow you to speedrun if you know what you’re doing.

Boss design is also great. The robot masters are arguably the best in any Mega Man game, and the fortress bosses are also solid. The outstanding soundtrack is also worth a mention.

9 is my favorite Mega Man game for a reason. There is so much to praise and very, very little to criticize. Some areas are annoying without the proper weapon. Tornado Man’s platforms are sometimes finicky. Magma Bazooka is underutilized. They don’t hurt the game much, if at all.

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Mega Man 9 is easily the best experience you can ever have not only as a Mega Man Game but also as a 2d side scroller. The level design is top notch, great boss battles, fantastic soundtrack, pixel perfect controls, nice difficulty balance, and hands down the best weapon selection in the entire series! As if the main game wasn’t enough there is a plethora of extra content. Such as an endless attack mode, time trials, a bonus level, and more difficulty settings. This combined with the huge route variety in the main game make this the most re playable Mega Man game yet.
Every little thing is perfected; the bolt system is not overly or underly generous, the pacing is perfect, the game is built for speedrunning, and every challenge is fair. None of the criticisms toward this game have held any weight against me. Many complain that there is no charge or slide but that’s excusable because the levels are designed around these limits, and besides you can play as Proto Man whom has these abilities. The only flaw I can pick out would be the occasional cheap hit or death but theses are only a flaw for the first play through. Once you learn about it they are easy to forgive.
I found Mega Man 9 to be a nearly perfect game. If you have not played this game then I implore you to do so.

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At first I didn’t knew the game and the 10th megaman game, but all I knew is that it’s gonna be like any other garbage megaman game, however when I first played it and beat the whole game, I was really really happy and kept playing it over and over again. The only satisfying thing is Concrete man and his concrete block attack and his music in general. everything else is top notch and a perfect success and that’s what their creators used this as their last resort to save their fame. Also they have one female robot master in the game you can face and it was splendid, it reminded me of a mermaid battle underwater or like one of those underwater battles that you fight mermaids with tridents, but she was the perfect boss to face. everything else in the game is too perfect to describe. weapons are really fun to use and they can be a bit funny, it’s really powerful and can dominate literally everything in the game. I love this too much! A perfect 10/10 for this game

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