Mega Man 8

Developer: Capcom

Mega Man 8 forgot what made Mega Man so iconic in the first place. While the mechanics are alright, the same five enemy types are recycled throughout all of the stages, voices in-game are horrible and repetitious, enemies don’t care for Mega Man’s presence and overall the game feels like something that was made for two year old children, but even then I’m not so sure they’d enjoy it either. The game is overly gimmicky and introduces ridiculous stage designs that don’t fit the image of a Mega Man game. Bosses and Robot Master AI’s get a pass, though.
Sometimes you have to renew your series, but if you’re unsure how, don’t do it. Mega Man 8 is the result of trying too hard and ending up with a pile of uninteresting goat excrement. Innovation was certainly one of the key elements when developing this title, but it ended up being its downfall. Never does it feel you’re actually progressing in the game when all you do is kill the same enemies over and over. To top the cake, add weapons that all do the same damage apart from the Flash Bomb. Avoid Mega Man 8 unless you’re nostalgia-driven.