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Mega Man 8 has no place in the franchise with a critical eye. The game looks clunky, awkward, voice acting is horrendous, and weapons aren’t that great. 3D elements don’t seemingly work well in a 2D game, the same 5-6 enemies repeat in almost every stage (somehow fitting Grenade Man), and the shop just makes the whole experience easy. The bosses however are decent, but that’s about it.

The story is however one of least favourite points about the game. This has got to be the lamest storyline I’ve ever seen in a Mega Man game (along with 5). Roll-Chan looks cute though (^_^).

Look, I really want to give this game an 7 or 8, but all the potential it has to be a Mega Man game with its new interesting mechanics just goes to waste. The very idea of Mega Man game, isn’t broken, rather it’s lost. A bit soulless, in other words. The new mechanics, gimmicks, ideas and Robot Master designs are interesting, but the execution doesn’t seemingly work. At least the game tries to be something.

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