Mega Man 7

Developer: Capcom

One of the best Mega Man experiences you can have. Pacing and enemy placements are mostly exceptional. Stages are lively and colorful. Enemies are there to certainly kill Mega Man: They are not just pacing back and forth for no reason. Attention to detail is remarkable. Composers are also worth a mention. This would be the perfect package if it wasn’t for some shortcomings.
Biggest flaws are the difficulty of tippy-toeing, edges of platforms being hard to distinguish and ladder grabs that make you want to tear your hair out. These factors were always so perfect on Mega Man games, but they are not polished enough in Mega Man 7. Some weapons needed refinements and they could have been utilized more. Secrets are nearly impossible to find. It’s also questionable why the game gives us four starter Robot Masters instead of the original eight. Despite these points, the game can still stand on its legs quite strongly. The game splits opinions, but from the evaluation stand-point there is not much to criticize outside of the strange SNES quirks.



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Mega Man 7 is without a doubt overall a good Mega Man Game. The Graphics, the Music and the Gameplay boost the Placement to the top. It’s Flaws also drags the Game downwards, like Starting with only 4 Robot Masters instead of 8, huge Sprites and Ladder Grabs. But everything else is just fine.

Burst Man gets knocked back with the Charged Buster and he looks like a Policeman, but that’s not a huge Problem.
Cloud Man has a weird Sprite and a wide Arena to fight him.
Junk Man looks awkward and his fight is somewhat questionable.
Freeze Man looks like a total Badass, and his fight is hectic as well.
Slash Man is very difficult, but there has to be that dangerous Robot Master on a Mega Man (Fan) Game.
SprÌ̶̻̖͔̰̫̣̻̾͒̅͑ng Man’s Sprite is werd, but his Fight is enjoyable.
T̶̨͙̞́̓̆̈́͘̕̚ͅURB̴̥̯̎̊̑́̒̍͝͝Ò̷̹̎̓̈̇̍͆̒̅ M̵̧̲̖̦̟͓̳̘̞̱͛̿̈́́̌͆͒̈́̓͌̈̈́͛Ą̴̡̨͔̰̙̲̰̬̜̳̓̎͌̈́͋̋͠N̶̷͠ has an interesting Stage And Shade Man is mostly fine.

Mega Man 7 is worth checking out.

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