Mega Man 6

Developer: Capcom

Mega Man 6 was a result of Nintendo pushing Capcom to release the game because at the time, Mega Man was so popular they wanted to cash in with it one more time during the NES’ death bed. As a result, controls are quirky, the introduced Adapters are overused and the X & Wily stages are repetitious lacking the true Mega Man feel. Soundtrack is top notch, though.
The biggest issue is the “jump mechanics”. You are unable to jump from a slide which makes the game very infuriating. Adapters are a big part of the core gameplay, and while they are fun to use, you should not be required to pop them on every five seconds. This renders most weapons useless as you’d rather stay on the adapter than keep switching items. Game is not very memorable and easily falls flat on its face. However, it does many things right and the Mega Man feel is there periodically. Acceptable.