Mega Man 11

Developer: Capcom

Mega Man 11 is whatever you make of it. The more you scum the challenges with Rush, the more you take advantage of the overly generous bolt system and the more you keep expecting, the worse it gets. Mega Man 11 is a traditional take on the franchise, and doesn’t even let the veterans down, except for being way too short of an experience.
Graphics are well presented, the mechanics are mostly well done and the level design as a whole is top notch. Robot Masters are original and they just might be the best lineup we’ve got so far. The gear system is a welcome addition and it makes the fantastic design elements come alive. The game was also clearly made for speedrunners in mind, which is a rarity these days.
The game is a bit heavy on enemy explosion effects, making it hard to see what you’re doing sometimes. Mega Man 11 is too short, but some of the challenges are so fun that it almost makes it up for it. Price point is quite high for the fact that replayability is low for casual players, and no major addons were there from the start, like Proto Man or Bass. Behold the era of DLC’s, I suppose.




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Mega Man 11 is an interesting experience, it surpassed the low expectations some people had. Initially I had low expectations but they grew higher as I heard more praise for the game. It grew to a point where I was a bit disappointed with it after completion.

The main issue this game has, are the controls. They should have learned from Mega Man 8 not to have long detailed animations, where you have to wait until the animation is over before the action is complete. It’s noticeable and undeniably there, Mega Man 7 had mostly good controls why couldn’t this one. Unlike the annoying knock where you can be so good that you rarely get hit, the mediocre controls will always be there.

Enemy design is a bit lacking, most stages have just a few enemies, being repeated over and over in ever so slightly different scenarios. I wasn’t surprised to see a lot of recycled enemy designs from previous games, most of which are made worse due to lower hp or making enemies laughably easier. I was pleasantly surprised that the enemies unique to this game are very well made.

I had a fear that the weapons would be like Mega Man X, where they waste time making two weapons into one, usually both being mediocre, is mostly not present here, some weapon designs could have been better with their power gear buffs, but not many. People may agree or disagree on the quality of the weapons, but most of them are rather unique, that is undeniable.

The stages are long, challenging and have a good flow, though the game really drops the ball at the final two Wily stages. It’s really disappointing for a climax, so the game is rather short for its price value, DLC is probably on the way, but that’s stuff you’re gonna pay for while the main game still suffers from lack of content.

Overall, I’d say that the game is a must play for any Mega Man fan or platformer fan. It has problems, tons of annoyances which can understandably tick off players to downright hating the game. It depends on your tolerance to these issues, I myself absolutely despise the knock back and the controls, they make me fueled with rage. I still like the game, makes be forget the issues for a minute or two, it’s just good old plain fun most of the time.

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Bobby The Froggy
Bobby The Froggy

Mega Man 11 is something that all fans of the blue bomber should check out. The new 2.5d aesthetic is refreshing and give the game a unique feel and look compared to other entries in the series. All the backgrounds and foreground look great and every stage sticks out from one and another in someway. As for the music, if we’re talking about the instrumental rearrangements, then I’d say it’s pretty good stuff. If we’re talking about the original soundtrack, then I’d probably have to say it’s not the best Mega Man soundtrack out there and is boring to listen to most of the time. That’s mostly due to the instruments being used and not the compositions themselves.

There’s not much to say about the controls. Overall they work pretty well, although the slide feels like it goes just a little too short of a distance, and climbing ladders does feel too slow. The double gear system works well and integrates it’s self into gameplay naturally. While the speed gear does feel more beneficial most of the time than the power gear. Because the speed gear can slow down time, allowing more time to react to attacks. The power gear can also be of great use as it can charge up weapons into powerful versions of themselves, which can help turn the tides in your favor. Speaking of the weapons, the weapons are probably one of the best set of weapons so far. They’re all very fun to use and you can never just rely heavily on one weapon, as they are all very balanced. Although the power gear does make them a bit too op.

For the stages, while not the most original in terms of theming. They are still very enjoyable and the gimmicks and enemy placement will keep you on your toes in your first playthrough, maybe even more. The stages for the most part end right before you start to get tired of the gimmick. Some of the stages are sort of unbalanced in terms of difficultly though.

The bosses of the stages are probably the best in the series. They all have attack patterns that are very fun learn to learn and that satisfaction of defeating a boss with only a slither of health is still there. All the bosses in one form or another have sort a desperation attack. Where they use the double gear system and become faster and more powerful, which is a refreshing twist and is a welcome addition.

However, the end game is pretty disappointing. There’s only two real wily stages, as the third one is a boss rush with no real stage, and the fourth one is just a small stretch to wily. While the first two wily stages are a pretty good test on how well you know how to use your weapons, that still doesn’t excuse the shortness of the end game and it feels like they just gave up once they realized that they had two more stages to go.

Despite all that, Mega Man 11 is still a great game that has a lot of replay value, for those who are into that stuff.

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I really loved the game, despite the stages have been built for the Double Gear System,the game doesn’t force you to use it. I was afraid that the game could do that, but fortunately, it didn’t.

The main problems I have with the game are:
1.- The game is too short, even if the stages are longer that they are expected to be, the experience is disappointing in that sense.
2.- You can spend some few bolts on the shop and be fully armed. This makes the game a walk in the park, and that’s not funny

On the other hand, the game is pretty good, I can say it’s one of the 5 best of the Classic Series. If you are a fan of this franchise, don’t playing Mega Man 11 is a sin.

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